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What is Authenticity and The True Self?

What is Authenticity? This is a great word people throw around today but what does it really mean?
We try to fit into boxes and circles conforming and twisting to others expectations. What if you stopped trying? You may actually find that you like the shape you come in.

Who told you that you were not good enough, capable enough? Creating a sense of lack in yourself that only grows larger the harder we try to “get others” to “get us”. This creates the discord leaving us with overwhelming depression, isolation and anxiety. Why is it so important for others to get us? 

We live in a society that praises conformity and playing by the rules set by others, (family, school, government, religious doctrine, media, etc). Who set these standards? Man did and they did this so that we all could live under one law or order. But the human spirit by nature is incapable of conforming and staying in true alignment with who you really are. 

what is authenticity

What is Authenticity? It Requires You To Know Yourself

Authenticity by a very business model definition states the following:

  • Authenticity is the characteristic of any document or record formed and created by the entity or person that is represented as it’s creator. It is preserved in the original form and without any falsification or any tampering. A signature that is genuine is noted as the best evidence or proof related to its authenticity.

So if everyone is conforming to another idea then weren’t the original ideas authentic. Sounds to me like we may be sheep following others ideas, doctrine and belief systems. We are creators and creativity flows from us naturally. Yet due to the conditioning of our society we get this deep sense that no one really wants to hear our input or that no one will validate our authenticity.

What is Authenticity and Breaking Out of The Mold

The reality is that it’s no one else’s job to “get you”. As long as you “get you”. Watch your life become transformed when you drop the need to be defined by other’s standards and labels. These concepts and stereotypes place us in compromising positions, roles, careers, relationships. etc where each day we feel more and more distant form the person we are truly meant to be.

I say dare to be creative, challenge these systems and play with form and ideas. Be brave enough to stand aside from the rest and allow yourself to be seen by you. Do not worry about anyone else seeing you. You are the one true constant in life. The one stationary object that does not move. Reliance on self and God or Spirit is true alignment with all that you are. The great I Am

Seek Spirituality Counseling today to learn who this great “I Am” is. The one who always was complete, The one who was never meant to fit into boxes and squares that others created. 

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