Treatment for Bullying Victims Using Virtual Reality Therapy in Orlando

Virtual Reality Therapy Orlando and How to Help Treat Victims of Bullying for help with bullying is showing effective signs of treatment and having great results. By utilizing Virtual Reality Therapy Orlando and recreating some common bullying type scenarios, victims of bullying in therapy can access the necessary tools to help them. They will overcome traumatic situations caused by bullying.

Studies show that bullying affects close to 1/3 of the entire world’s children. The trauma from bullying can have lasting and devastating effects. Victims of bullying do not exclude race, a child’s sexual orientation, their gender and/or social status.

Virtual Reality Therapy can offer children a very safe and controlled setting. This allows for the process of healing from trauma. This is much more effective than talk therapy alone.

VR allows for a child to face the bully without feeling overwhelmed. It empowers them. A therapist walks the child through the simulation to help process their anxiety and fears.

Virtual Reality Therapy Orlando and Treating Bullying

Virtual Reality Therapy Orlando is able to place the victim in a simulation that allows them to have empathy for the one doing the bullying. It’s important to show the victim that most bullies are acting from a place of pain and feeling displaced. Bullies themselves, most of the time are a direct result of being bullied themselves.

The therapist is then able to have the client introduced directly to the bully in the module. The goal here is to be able to evaluate the victims response through biofeedback. The bully will face the child. The child bullied will be equipped with the tools helping them to overcome the fear and anxiety they face.

Virtual Therapy Orlando and How It Works

In order to recreate a similar situation where the bully appears, the therapist will stage the virtual reality room. It is set up from the child’s perspective or point of view. They will be joined with a very small team or group of students that will be placed at a close distance. This allows for a very accurate experience that the victim faces in real life.

Depending on the type of methods used by the therapist the victim is programmed to either be alone or is accompanied with two other characters. The two others can be either the aggressor or they can play the role of the defender.

Then there are three possible ways the victim can respond. Either by using physical, non physical, verbal responses. Thirdly their response can be a relational or indirect response. It’s important to see how the victim initially will respond. This helps the therapist to guide which direction to assist the child in utilizing the most effective strategy for handling the bullying. The therapist can control if the two accompanying the victim will be laughing, supportive or whispering to each other.

One of the most fascinating features of the VR simulation is that the victim has the choice for how they respond to the aggressive bully. By having the therapist observe their choices they then can learn the most appropriate ways to teach the victim the social skills they need.

Virtual Therapy Orlando and How It Works and Seeking Help Today

I believe as the owner of High Expectations Counseling that this experience is the most effective way to help our youth facing bullying today. This is not to be taken likely. Most of the kids that are being victims feel that when they tell a teacher or parent they are not seen or heard.  It leaves the victim scared and walking on eggshells.

At our counseling center we have highly trained licensed mental health therapists ready to help your child effectively learn how to end bullying for good. Let’s work together to empower our children and give them the tools they need. Call us at 407-967-1327.