The Ideal Family and What Might It Look Like

The Ideal Family?

The ideal family and what might it look like? As I was thumbing through the questions on Quora this morning I came across and interesting question. The person had posted, What is the ideal Family. I avoided answering this question because my knee jerk response was to laugh it off. I thought to myself the following:

-Good luck trying to search for even a close definition to what might feel healthy and ideal in a family.

-There is no such thing as an Ideal Family. The interpretation is left up to the individual and their concept or ideas as an individual.

After avoiding this question it dawned on me that I could give my interpretation of what I feel a healthy family might look like. After all I have spent my life in a dysfunctional one. We all have. So why not write a beautiful list of qualities I would love to see in an “Ideal Family”. Placing my therapist hat to the side I write from Spirit and Soul. I allow myself to swim in the wonderful feeling of the alignment in myself today that I have found from my own journey in life. 

the ideal family

The Ideal Family in my definition

  • Open flow of communication and shared mutual respect. Each member would feel heard, validated and not dismissed.

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