Testimonials are a great way to get word out to my potential clients. The recommendations page is for my brave and wonderful clients who have willingly agreed to share their experience as well as speak to any person who is struggling or needs support. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled each and every day at the beauty, uniqueness and bravery of such wonderful spirits. Each and every one has changed my life forever. You inspire me and bring new awareness to me daily.

Testimonials - See Through The Eyes of The Client

Testimonials are a great way for you to see through the eyes of former clients in regards to their experience with the therapist. A good therapist will always have on hand clients who are willing to speak to clients who are unsure is therapy or a particular therapist is right for them. My clients are so wonderful that mothers, teens, couples, those in recovery, and individuals have come up to me over the year to say that they want to make themselves available for anyone hesitant about therapy with me. Their testimonials mean the world to me. Please also see commonly asked questions for more information.

Testimonials From Former Clients

I came to Sally at the lowest point of my life. I was depressed, isolating and had given up any chance of having a happy life. Her guidance, insight, encouragement and inspiration have helped me get on a path of personal discovery that I did not think would ever be possible. The impact Sally has made in my life has been huge. Not only did Sally help to shift my view of myself but also my view on life, attitude, and gifts I never knew I had. Today I live a life of happiness, peace and joy. I knew right from our first meeting that I had made the best decision of my life! I am happy to give my testimonial.

Stewart S. 3/9/2015

I met Sally about 5 years ago and cannot be more thankful that she was brought into my life. My son was 13 at the time we met. He ended up getting tangled up with the wrong crowd which lead him down a toxic road of drug addiction. Sally was his therapist at the treatment center which lead all of us into our life long friendship. My son is now 18 and I will let him tell his own story. I myself at the time was struggling with a young teen battling drugs, a highly toxic dysfunctional relationship (which was a repeat of all my previous relationships), a lack of self respect and self worth, and a tremendous amount of guilt.

Through my sessions with Sally she taught me how to love myself, let go of the guilt and opened my eyes to a much better life. She puts things in a way that I still cannot explain, but in such a real to-the-fact way that they made sense. I’ve learned with Sally’s guidance that I am a good enough parent, companion, friend and that it is OK to put myself first.

It’s a beautiful walk…don’t miss out on the beauty of it. This is the outlook on life that Sally taught me. When Sally asked to give testimonials to her site I was more than happy. I say testimonials because I can speak for not only myself but for my son as well who Sally trusted and adored.  Sally I cannot thank you enough. Much love,

Kim, 2/4/16

I am writing this client testimonial to voice the major impact Sally High has made in my life. I truly believe Sally is an Angel and I feel that there are so many teens and families that need her. I truly believe she can save your teen and family no matter what your circumstance is. At the age of 12 my son became an addict. I thought as a mother I could fix everything, that I could just “help him”. 

Nevertheless we didn’t give up in our search to find someone that could reach my son. But after dozens of sessions with numerous therapist(s), psychiatrist(s), licensed mental health counselor(s); and out patient treatments we came to the harsh realization that my son was not willing to open up with anyone no matter where we went. Then we met Sally for the first time. Finally after all these years of confusion and turmoil my son opens up and shares his feelings to whom I consider our guardian angel (Sally High). From my personal experience, I have NEVER met such a devoted therapist that truly cares about recovery.

Sally not only provided the utmost professionalism when she was conducting therapy, but also worked so hard even when she was at home to help guide me step by step in responding to my son. Whenever I had a question and felt concerned, I called Sally’s cell and she was ALWAYS there to assist me in helping me and my son with his recovery. For the first time, my son told me that he finally felt safe and could trust somebody.  I can now enjoy life because I have learned to detach with love and I owe everything to Sally.  Thank You Sally, 

Giselle 5/2013

 I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first came to counseling. I knew that my life was in a rut and I needed help to face some tough life choices. I always thought in the past that people only went to a therapist if they were really desperate or had really bad depression or anxiety. I just knew that my life was heading in the wrong direction and I needed help gaining a new perspective. I started looking around for a therapist and found Sally.

From the second I started seeing her, I knew that she cared about her clients. She was so helpful in working with me to gain insight and identify areas of my life that needed to change. I started feeling better about myself and in return was handling life in a new and more positive way. Sally was professional, non judgmental, she challenged me to be more authentic and to see my part in things that before I would chose to blame others for. She was patient and introduced so many ways for me to see my life struggles not as a bad thing but as an opportunity to grow and progress through life as a better version of myself.

Today I feel I truly know myself and can handle hard times and challenges as they come my way. I see life from a different set of eyes. Therapy was far more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Sally for your guidance and insight. You have touched my life and I know the lives of many others.
John B. 2/13/2013

I was furious when my mother told me that she wanted me to see a therapist. I hated the idea of having to go talk to some lady that knew nothing about me. At first I was very shut down and did not want to talk. Sally did not seem to care. We actually had a really fun, light session. She cared to get to know me and not what everyone thought was wrong with me. I actually was able to talk about the things that mattered to me. I thought she was going to be telling me what my parents wanted her to say. That I was a bad person for wanting to do what I thought was normal teenage stuff. I was angry all the time. She didn't judge me or make me feel shamed.

I started looking forward to seeing Sally each week. Even though we no longer meet, anytime I am struggling with a problem all I have to do is call he and she is there for me. It felt really awesome to have someone see me and not talk to me. Thank you Sally,

Alexia , 2016

If you need an excellent counselor who can help you throughout big changes in your life Sally is the therapist for you. She has helped me in my life journey and has been available to answer all my questions. Her approach is different but in a great way. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with her and see it for yourself. Many blessings for her to continue her great work. I hope that my testimonial can help another bring the awareness to themselves the way it was brought to me.

V. Guterrez 2017