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Tele therapy Services Orlando

The options for counseling and therapy are growing at a rapid rate. Tele therapy Services Orlando also referred to as video therapy/counseling is conducted through live video chat or an internet connection. Clients have the advantage of getting counseling as if they were there in session with the therapist.

If your familiar with Face Time then you have used similar technology that can be involved in tele therapy.

This very convenient mode of therapy has many benefits. However there are some risks.

Teletherapy Services Orlando

Below are some common questions in regards to tele therapy Services Orlando. This is intended to help you make the decision if it’s right for you.

Are Tele therapy Services Orlando Confidential and Private?

Yes. As your licensed therapist I am both legally and ethically obligated to uphold all privacy protection laws known as HIPPA . When we work together, you will be asked to use a secure platform with a counselor through tele therapy that is HIPPA compliant. The therapist will be in a remote, private and secure setting. The risk for privacy breach is mainly in your hands. Don’t open your computer in a public place. You will want to be somewhere quiet, private and comfortable.

Are Teletherapy Services Orlando Just As Effective As Therapy?

Yes it is. Teletherapy is highly effective.

Research on it reveals that counseling via video is just as helpful and effective as in person counseling. It’s also convenient and easy to access. This helps client to be consistent withcounseling.


Teletherapy Services Orlando

Who is and is not a good candidate for teletherapy?

Video therapy and counseling have many wonderful benefits. However, it may not be the best fit for everyone. If you are thinking that your a good candidate for teletherapy Services Orlando, ask your therapist.

Other reasons why it may be a good fit are the following:

  • Those who travel for work
  • Those who are physically unable to get to the office for sessions
  • Those living in a remote area

What Are Some of the Risks?

Every type of counseling has some risk. The process of change can at times be messy. Teletherapy also carries the same similar risks as that of traditional therapy along with some additional issues and some considerations. the largest of these being failure of technology devices. Most therapists have a backup plan in place. Such as phone session or they may reschedule the session.

Teletherapy Services Orlando – Lets Get Started

At High Expectations Counseling we offer not only face to face therapy sessions but teletherapy Services Orlando as well. We understand the many demands on people today. We are committed to providing quality therapy no matter which modality we use. More and more people are finding Teletherapy to be a useful modality in conjunction with in office sessions or as a stand alone service.

Call us today at 407-967-1327 and let’s get started to see if your a good fit for Teletherapy Services Orlando.