Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling Orlando

The need for our teens to receive therapy is growing by the day. When working with teens, it’s imperative that they feel connected to and supported by the therapist. Teen and Adolescent therapy Orlando in today’s demanding world is no easy task. Teen counseling therapy is extremely beneficial. If an adolescent feels that all I am doing is gathering information and then reporting it directly back to their parents or caregivers, then the trust is broken and counseling becomes ineffective.

However, the tricky yet important piece of counseling for teens and adolescents, is getting the teen to the place where they are able to communicate their fears, anger, needs, depression and concerns in a productive way. This is done by working with the teen in a collaborative and team effort.

Teen Counseling and Is It Effective?

At first a highly resistant adolescent will not want to include their parents in sessions. This is usually because the teen is fearful of what a parent might say or do. This also may be because they are unable or have never had the role modeling to effectively express their anger, fears, needs and concerns. It is important for the therapist to always work towards improving the whole system (family) and allow all members to learn new effective ways of communication, listening, dealing with stress and creating new rules and guidelines that will support and encourage the adolescent to feel safe.


Parents also need to feel included and educated on how to assist their adolescent, and learn the important skills to no longer enable their teen. Working with adolescents is highly effective when the therapist and adolescent are working as a team and the adolescent knows that when they come to see me they have a safe place to express themselves and trust that I have nothing but their best interest at hand. Once this therapeutic bond has been established it’s amazing to see the growth and changes teens can make.

Doing your own work as an adult is helpful so that you can see if control, issues of codependency and helicopter parenting are present.

Why am I so passionate about Teen and Adolescent Counseling Orlando?

I relate to being a troubled teen growing up in a strict and authoritative environment. With little to no room to voice my opinion. To come to my own truths and opinions. Separate from the adults and society around me. Today’s adolescents grow up at such a young age. The messages they receive from the media and society are constant and confusing. We are seeing more and more teens willing to seek and attend therapy.

Many feel lost or confused. The idea of having a safe place to let it all out and not feel judged or shamed is next to impossible for our youth today to find. Many do not have the skill set to verbalize the multitude of emotions they feel. I excel at gaining the teens respect and trust in order to open up. Getting a teen to see their true value and worth is vital. It helps them learn to cope in today’s world. I work with teens and children to learn better ways to communicate their needs.

Parents role in Teen and Adolescent Counseling Orlando

I require the family be involved in the process only when and if the teen feels confident. Often I hear the parents ask me to “fix their teen.” This is amusing when 85% of the time, the parents have played the largest role. They have conditioned and shaped the teens mindset and beliefs. I help parents identify warning signs and effective ways to reach their teens. This enables parents to assist their adolescent in moving towards self awareness, stability, and improvement. I will equip you and your adolescent with the tools you need to successfully navigate society’s demands and challenges.

Below is a list of Specialties for Teen and Adolescent Counseling Orlando