Teen Counseling Near Me

Teen Counseling near me and why it is important to get them the help they need early on in life? We still live today with this idea that going to therapy is a last resort effort. I truly believe it should be one of the first items on the agenda. Especially when it comes to teenagers. They are still developing and not fully mature. To get in early and teach a teen how to navigate in society, how to not personalize everything, hold themselves accountable and learn to adjust and be able to move and be flexible in society is the best gift ever for a teen. There is only one problem to this equation. The parents seem to make it difficult for therapy to work. Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. They are afraid of their teen and when the teen shows any resistance the parents cave.
  2. They parents are split and only one parent participates in encouraging the teen to attend.
  3. The parents feel that if their child needs help it is a direct reflection of themselves and then they might have to look at their own self. Maybe you do need couples or individual counseling to align and step up as a parent.
  4. Parent are “too busy” and avoid seeking help. It is not a priority.
  5. Your teen is a master at becoming angry and explosive so that you will back down.
  6. The parent thinks it is a waste of money.

Teen Counseling Near Me
How to Get a Teen to Come For Help

Teen Counseling Near Me

1. Make it mandatory

Yes I said make it mandatory. Your teen needs help. I know that scares many but let’s face the truth. Not many teens will walk up to their parents and say “I think I would like to see a therapist to work through some issues I am dealing with.” If school is mandatory for their educational minds, doctors are mandatory for their physical health then what about their emotional stability? Do we just leave that for another day and time?

Move through the resistant. If your teen is saying that they won’t come to therapy tell them that you have set a date and expect them to be there. Tell them that if they are not there your going regardless and decisions will them be made without their behalf. This usually grabs their attention the first go around. If you do come in and the teen refuses to, we will change up or implement a rule at home that will get the teen to notice and become agitated. When they come to you simply tell your teen that since he or she decided to not attend your going ahead and representing them and following the therapist advice. This will surely grab their attention and they will attend.

2. Stop Letting Your Teen Call The Shots

If you suspect drug use then why aren’t you going through their things? Why aren’t you bringing home a drug test and looking in their room? Are you afraid because the teen -has you convinced that you have invaded their privacy? You are scared and instead yell and really all that does is create more leniency because after the yelling all that happens in the teens mind is tell them that they can get whatever they want.

With the therapist assisting we can send a strong message that you are not concerned in the least about “his or her feelings about privacy”. You will do whatever you feel is necessary to ensure they get the right help even if that means inpatient treatment or military school. This will have an impact on the teen and they will quickly be motivated. Only if they know that the parents will hold the line.

3. Meet Your Teens Need Not Yours

You may be depressed, anxious or overwhelmed as a parent. That does not mean that the teen should get overlooked. Teen counseling is effective. You can observe all day long that your teen looks sad, is isolating, hanging out with different friends, etc. Where is the action? Go ahead and observe all the way to the point the teen is in a harmful accident, a compromising position, or has gone completely to far with the behavior.

Teen counseling near me will help to teach them along with the parents support that they must learn to communicate effectively, manage their own emotions, follow through with goals, acknowledge when they need help and how to reach their own needs. This sounds a lot like my work with adults and it is. Adults that are suffering from the same issues as their teens are the ones who passed it on. If your an anxious adult then your teen is too. If your entitled and play the victim role, so will your teen. So yes this does involve the parent stepping up. You need to look at how you can be a more effective, emotionally healthier example for your teen to model. If you can’t communicate your needs then maybe learning to do so is helpful. Getting help for your teen is vital.

Teen Counseling Near Me - Take the First Step

Instead of making teen counseling near me the last resort why not make it one of the first things you do. If you suspect your teen needs help, is on drugs, is having a difficult time interacting with others etc, don’t sit back and wait. Do not ask them if they would be willing to go to therapy. Not many when given the option will say yes. Tell them you have set up an appointment and they are going. Be that kind of parent that responds to the need. You are showing the highest form of love for your teen. Meeting the need and responding right when you spot it.