Teen Counseling and Therapy Orlando

teen counseling and therapy Orlando

Teen Counseling and Therapy Orlando

Teen Counseling and Therapy Orlando. Is there a need for more services to help reach our teens? We all know that the teen years can be challenging not only for the teens but their parents as well. Teens today are facing so many more pressures than the teen the prior generation. They are struggling to learn how to navigate in this society and understand their role in it. Teens may need the assistance of counseling and therapy specific to adolescent counseling. Parents need to be aware of the dangerous signs your teen may be showing in order to get them the help they need. Rarely will a teen come up to a parent and ask out right for help. 

Teen Counseling and Therapy Orlando | The Problems They Face

Many of the struggles we see with teens today are a normal stage of growing up as a teen. Peer pressure, changes in their moods, new interests, learning to express themselves clearly, etc. In these cases parents that are aware can easily help guide their teen through these areas by listening to them, allowing them to express themselves without jumping in to solve or fix the issue, and being patient with them. The goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment that the teen will be allowed to open up and communicate in.

teen counseling and therapy Orlando

Counseling may be necessary in the following examples:

  • When their are changes in the family life. A move, divorce, changing schools, a death in the family, illness in the family and many other issues.  
  • Teens that lose a close friend through either a breakup, death, from moving away, etc. 
  • Any form or kind of sign their is a substance abuse issue or addiction.
  • A teen that is the target of bullying or physical, emotional or psychological abuse from another.
  • Teens that become pregnant.
  • Any tragic event that may occur in the local community or globally. 
  • Extreme pressure to perform at school with high standards.
  • Prolonged bouts of depression followed by withdrawing themselves from others and isolating.

Teen Counseling and Therapy Orlando Benefits

All teens can benefit from talking to a counselor. I think most adults could as well. They need the chance to have a non-biased individual to support, listen and guide them through tough and indecisive times of their life. There are several benefits for a teen to seek therapy.

  • Therapy provides a safe environment for teens to open up and talk about private and personal matters.
  • A therapist is someone that a teen can start to open up to and trust.
  • A counselor understands how to get into the life of a teen and see it fully from their perspective.
  • Therapist can offer guidance and give the teen a set of skills to prepare them for life’s challenges. 
  • Teens are given the opportunity to discuss and talk about their problems. If not they hold them in and feel all alone. 

Teen Counseling and Therapy Orlando | Signs to Look Out For

  • Suicidal ideations or behaviors suggesting a teen might go through with the act. Some teens may make jokes, draw pictures or write about death and suicide. They may say comments related to wishing they were no longer here. If you suspect this might be the case, then immediately call 911 or the suicide hotline in your community. 
  • Symptoms showing signs of depression such as withdrawing from others, loss of sleep or sleeping all the time, little to no appetite, loss of interest in hobbies, sports or clubs they once were very excited about. They may neglect their personal hygiene. Your teen may have unexplained and unexpected bouts of crying for no reason. If you see these problems last longer than 2 weeks it’s important that you seek outside help and support.
  • Violent displays of harming themselves, others and even animals. 
  • A sudden gain or loss in weight.  
  • Very rapid change in their moods. One minute they may seem upset and in a rage and the next minute display uncontrollable laughing. 
  • Attempts to run away from the home.
  • Onset of Illegal activities.
  • Behavioral problems increase in school.
  • Use of drugs and alcohol
  • Drastic change in their friends and who they hang out with.
  • Sexual risky behavior and/or sexual promiscuity.

Teen Counseling and Therapy Orlando | Seek Help Now

Seek help before it’s to late. Learn the signs and get as much support as you can if you suspect any changes in your teen that may lead you to think they are struggling. Doctors and school counselors can be a great source to recommend a therapist. For parents it is a good idea as well for you to attend individual and group counseling. Support with other parents is helpful. You don’t feel alone.

  • Understand your teen and what is causing their behaviors. Learn to cope better with your teen by learning to prepare yourself so you can be supportive. 
  • Recognize your own triggers and limitations as it comes to understanding your teen. Many parents do not want to think that their child could in distress so they turn a blind eye. 
  • Seek better and more effective ways to solve and address problems.

It’s important that you seek a therapist that has experience working with teens and one that is licensed. Understand their approach to working with teens. Some therapist  may recommend that your teen seek psychiatric help in the form of medication. This will be assessed at the time of treatment should the therapist think that the teen is dealing with mental health issues. 

We cannot let our teens go unseen. Our teens need us as a community and parents to not overlook them. They are often silently crying out for help. Let’s be there as a community to reach out and guide them through these tough times.


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