Substance Abuse and Behavioral Addiction Counseling

For many freedom from substance and behavioral abuse and addiction seems hopeless. You feel like your drowning and cannot save yourself from your own self.

Alcohol and drugs are most often used as a coping mechanism and a way to avoid painful feelings. Many clients coping with substance abuse issues are unwilling or do not have the skill set to understand the driving factors for their ongoing use. There are hundreds of reasons why a person might be abusing substances. These are also influences for behavioral addiction.

As your therapist I will work with you to get to the core issues of why you feel the need to “numb out” and avoid your feelings. It’s important for me to help educate you and those affected by your addiction as it relates to aiding and supporting the addict. Real change will occur when everyone recognizes the driving factors of the addiction. I will equip you with the tools you need to cope with stress, cravings, triggers, depression, or trauma without turning to drugs or alcohol.



Behavioral Addiction Counseling Orlando

Behavioral addiction is involves a compulsion to repeat patterns or behaviors that seem to provide pleasure. These types of addictions are not related to substance abuse. They are just as harmful if left untreated. The negative consequences that occur: social interactions decrease, loss of financial stability, physical health problems, are the same. Both behavioral and substance abuse addictions are created to cope with same underlying fear. An example of some behavioral addictions that are most common:


No matter the addiction, all are associated with the inability to stop once starting. You have lost the power of choice and feel trapped. There is a way out. Working to strip away the false self and discover the true self is the ultimate goal. The underlying fear is not as scary as we often make it. Drug addiction and behavioral addiction is serious and must be treated in a serious manner.


  • Destructive patterns and habits becoming an addiction

    Are you unsure if your patterns or habits are an addiction or close to it. Understand how addiction and repeated harmful habits affect you.

  • Signs of abuse and addiction

    Helping to understand the progression from use, misuse, abuse and addiction.

  • Recovery Coaching and Life Skills

    Let’s look at the benefits of a recovery coach and how important it is to have the support early on in recovery.

  • Support for the family of the addict

    Addiction affects all of those close to the addict. It’s vital that you stay informed of the role you play and how best to support recovery.

  • Early Sobriety

    This is the most critical time in the phase of sobriety. Support and firm guidelines are a must. This is done for the addict to recover and have a real lasting chance.

  • How do I help my teen after treatment?

    Learn to support yet also the importance of allowing the teen the ability to show himself that sobriety is achievable.