Spirituality vs Religion – What Is The Difference?

Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality vs Religion. What is the difference? People make the mistake in thinking Spirituality is a  mysterious, supernatural belief separate from religion completely. Some even think its a sect or cult that is rebelling against religion and its doctrinal beliefs. Spirituality vs Religion has been the hot topic for years.

If society could just move through this idea and try to fully understand what spirituality  is, they will come to the realization that it far from a sect or cult. One must be more open minded and able to hear each other from a different standpoint of how they view themselves in relation to God.

Spirituality vs Religion | 7 Distinct Differences

The following are 7 differences between Religion and Spirituality that will assist in helping you understand Spirituality and what it actually is.

  1. Religion Feels Restricting – Spirituality Feels  Free

Religion requires you to follow a heavy doctrine and set of ideology  and to obey certain rules/laws or else you will be punished thus sinning and wrong or bad in the eyes of God.. Spirituality allows you to create a more personal relationship with God. One that is loving and understands that free will is on earth. Only out of error or wrongdoing comes growth and expansion.

2. Religion Can instill fear – Spirituality instills a sense of  Bravery

Religion talks in terms of what one should fear and that there are heavy consequences one will face should they go astray. Spirituality brings awareness to the consequences related to the natural state of being a human in a broken world. A world where ego has gone a muck.  Spirituality teaches you there is nothing to fear but instead to be bold and brave, believing in yourself and your ability to intuitively know right from wrong as it relates to yourself. It acts out of love and not fear.  You are able to release fear.

3. Religion Tells You What is Truth – Spirituality Allows Room to  Discover It

Religion speaks in terms of right and wrong, good and bad. Very black and white thinking.. Spirituality allows you the room and autonomy to discover it yourself. To create awareness of its relationship in it’s own unique ways. You connect with God and that which resides in you and allows you to see with your own eyes what truth is relative to you and personal to you. The “truth is different for everyone and it allows individuals to be themselves without judgment or finding fault in “wrong thinking”. You believe in your own inner truth through the eyes of the observer which is you.

4. Religions find fault with other  Religions – Spirituality Unites to Create

Every Religion preaches they are the right religion and the only religion. Spirituality seeks to find the commonality in all and unite. The path to God is personal and many roads of truth can lead you to God, Spirit and Truth.  

5. Religion Creates Dependence – Spirituality Creates Independence

Many religious people attending church on Sunday feel it is their responsibility and duty. They depend on the church for guidance. In day to day life, the pastor not God’s interpretation of how you should act, feel and be. Spirituality shows oneself that you learn as you become more spiritual. You don’t need to depend on anything or anyone. Just yourself to be happy. Happiness is a state of being and presence. A state of knowing deep down that you were and always will be enough, sufficient and capable.

6. Religion Speaks of Punishment – Spirituality Speaks of Karma

Religion believes that if we do not obey certain rules, we should be punished for them.  All will pay for our sins.  Spirituality understands the basic reality that states every action has a reaction.  All negative action on others, self, this planet, etc, will be felt in reactions. The reactions that come back to us from the initial action or actions we set into motion. It relies on the fundamental forces that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. With love, honor and respect.

7. Religion Is Not a Journey – Spirituality is the Journey

Religion speaks of God’s journey and that it was the only journey. Christians are to understand that journey and follow along. Spirituality is the process of awakening to a journey you will take yourself. A journey to enlightenment and consciousness. Allowing for love, inner peace and suffering to end. Stillness and calmness that all is right and well.  

Spirituality vs. Religion

We all should move closer to awareness of ourselves in relation to our own understanding of God. It is personal, deep, awareness and higher consciousness. Spirituality is not a one size fits all. Seek counseling today and start Present Centered Awareness therapy in combination Spirituality Therapy. Understand self and increase your level of awareness and consciousness. The distinction between Spirituality vs Religion is clear.