Single Parenting Orlando

Single Parenting Orlando by far is one of the hardest jobs there is. Your the mom, dad, disciplinarian and at the same time the nurturer. Life can become overwhelming and stressful. There is help and support out there for you.

Orlando Single parenting

You know your a single parent when:

  • Your day job managing a team of people is considered the least stressful part of your life.
  • Planning to go out with friends requires the precise and tactical resources of a nation.
  • The only ‘down time’ is when you are having work done at the dentist.
  • Parent-teacher conferences you dread. NOT because you are afraid of what the teacher thinks of your kid.
  • Your overwhelmed with guilt often.
  • You have to plan and execute your Mother’s Day/Father’s Day celebration, and the kids have other plans with Stepmother, Stepfather, Grandparents.
  • You find that taking a shower is stressful and rushed. Anxiety and depression can quickly slip in.

These examples of course are only a few examples and trust me because I am a single mom, I get it.

Being a single parent is not an easy job, but it is by far the most important job you will ever do. If you are a single parent, then you know how important it is to get all of the support you need and that is available for you. Therapy can assist you in so many valuable ways to help not only your stress and relationship with your child, but also helps to focus on your needs.

Support and help for Single Parenting Orlando

Learning to lose the Guilt

Many years ago single parenting was seen only as acceptable in situations where a spouse had passed away. Now it is seen as not only normal in society but thanks to media it’s now the new “black”. I would not take it that far. If your holding onto guilt and shame and thinking that your child or children are disadvantaged then it’s important to change this view or your children will sense your shame or guilt. This will create their own ideas and feelings about the make-up of their family.

Plug in with others.

Single parenting doesn’t have to always mean going it alone. Gather like-minded parents and people in the community that will provide you with encouragement and motivation. At the very least babysitting! It may seem scary at first. You will soon realize there are so many single parents right outside your doorstep that feel the same way. Plug in with other single parents. Increase your support system and gain some friends. Support which not only benefits you but your child will feel that much more loved. Group therapy for single parents is a great way to plug in.

A network of other single parents helps provide you with the emotional and social support you need. You can find great resources that have been helpful for other parents.

Accept the help You Need

You may feel as a single parent that you don’t deserve to ask for help. You feel defeated and overwhelmed. If you do not ask for help things will never change. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and it’s out there.

Don’t be envious of couples

It’s easy to think that the grass is always greener on the other side. It is very easy to get caught up in the idea or fantasy illusion that things would be perfect if you had a partner.

The truth is that all relationships have problems. Married couples have problems. Being a single parent actually does have advantages. You only have to make decisions for you and your child.

To be constantly envious can turn into bitterness and resentment. It drains you of energy and creates tension and anxiety. Focus on the things you are grateful for. You cannot go wrong. You will see how blessed you are.

Stay involved with the other parents family.

You and your ex are no longer together. Can the extended family members on your exes side stay healthy and positive? Do they want to be in your child’s life? If the answer is yes, that’s great. I know this can be hard. Learning to put your own frustrations with other adults secondary and allowing your child to create this bond is so important to them. They need to know and want to know their extended families on both sides. Holding them back from this relationship will likely cause resentment toward you.

Single Parenting Orlando - Counseling Benefits

Counseling is a great way for single parents to learn viable skills. Skills teach you to deal with stress, communicating with your child, and overall improved mental and emotional health. Learning to reach out in the community, building a bridge to extended family and most importantly learning to let go of any shame or guilt that you feel as a single parent. You are brave and I commend you for your hard work and effort. Seek the support you need.

From a single parent myself and your therapist, I get it. Call today and lets start individual counseling to get you on the right path.

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