Should I get a divorce? This tape is playing on and on in your head. You’re tired of all the fighting. Your thinking that your spouse would be happier with someone else. Maybe you feel like your dreams have been stolen away. No matter what circumstances brought you to the end of your marriage, getting a divorce is a serious decision. If you and your partner are thinking about separating, it’s important that you take your time making such a huge choice and it’s important that you consider all of your options.

Should I Get a Divorce?
It may not solve your problems

Are you tired of fighting with your spouse about how to raise your children? Are you constantly arguing about how you’ll spend family holidays? Unfortunately, getting a divorce will not solve all of your problems. In fact, divorce can add even more tension to your problems. For example, while your spouse might sometimes be willing to compromise because he loves you, you may find him less willing to do so after a divorce. Additionally, keep in mind that disagreements regarding your children will not end after your marriage does. In fact, divorce can cause even more problems since you will be fighting about which child lives with which parent.

Should I Get a Divorce?
It May affect the people around you

Even if you’re getting a divorce because you think you’ll be happier, you need to consider how your decision will affect the people around you. Children whose parents get divorced tend to be more at risk for getting divorced themselves. Additionally, you may find that your children are hesitant to trust people, lonely, or even upset with you for your decision to separate. Even if you do not have children, your divorce can affect your relationships with your parents, siblings, and even your friends. Before you get a divorce, make sure that you are willing to deal with the social ramifications.

Should I Get a Divorce?
It Should Be Your Last Resort

No matter how bad your marriage may seem, it’s important that you consider divorce to be your final option. Never get a divorce simply because you aren’t getting along, feel bored, angry, unable to communicate effectively, or think you’re unhappy. Divorce is a serious decision that you should make only if you’re absolutely certain it is the best move for everyone in your life. Realize that you entered into marriage with the belief that it would last forever. It is important that you take your time choosing to separate from your spouse. Counseling, marriage books, and even a temporary separation are all ways you can find the answers you need before you make your decision. Divorce affects children and those close to you.

Should I Get a Divorce?
Benefits of Relationship Counseling

Counseling can help to open the doors of communication between you both. Before you drawn up the divorce papers, understand my unique approach to therapy. Treating symptoms like anger, resentment, is the least of my worries when seeing a couple. I want to get to the root of the problem. The messages or conditioned responses you are both having when you do not see eye to eye. When you start to play the blame game you loose perspective on what is important. Family counseling, individual and couples counseling are all great approaches to healing.

Our culture has placed such a heavy emphasis on the words, “till death do us part“. How in the world can we guarantee another person when standing at the alter that until you die you promise to always love, protect and stay faithful? The truth is that all we have is today. If you can say to you partner “today I really enjoy your company and love being with you”, without any expectations of changing who they are then you will lift the veil of marital indoctrination. The ones keeping the expectations and anger cycling continuing. You can learn to live a light and happy marriage. Don’t be so quick to throw in the towel before really seeking effective and lasting help.