Self Esteem and Our Daughter’s

Self esteem and how important is it when it comes to our daughters? A mother’s self-image has a direct affect on how her daughters self esteem and how she views herself. It’s important to understand that how a daughter shapes her opinions and views of the world comes directly from you. If you see life as competitive with other women then so will she. Help improve your daughter’s sense of self esteem.

Top ten techniques to Improve Self Esteem

1 Talk to her about it.

Discuss the pressures of society for girls to be categorized as thin and beautiful. Help her to realize that she’s not alone. Teach her that they are unrealistic fabricated by society and the brainwashing of our culture. The pressure for perfectionism is a lot for our young girls.

2. Help her to take pride in her appearance.

As a mom you must lead by example. Show her how to appreciate her unique look and body. Don’t be vain. Make sure to emphasize the deeper qualities of a person. Make it clear that it is more important to foster depth of character.

3. Avoid making negative comments.

Hearing negative comments directly from you, as the role model (despite the fact these comments are self directed) impacts your daughter’s self esteem. She absorbs your belief systems like a sponge.

4. Focus on her talents.

Don’t get swept away focusing on the physical aspects to help improve her self esteem. Foster the mental and emotional side. Compliment and encourage her in her passion for things she enjoys doing (sports, dance, art, etc). Build your daughter’s self esteem in ways outside of addressing the physical appearance.

5. Teach her the reality of media.

Together Watch TV with her and discuss what you see as it comes on. Help her to develop an eye for filtering the mixed and irrational messages delivered by the media daily selling women on lies.

6. Teach her to not be a “pleaser”.

Teach her to stand up for what she believes in. Ask what she feels the right choices are instead of answering for her. Let your daughter make her own choices. Break the patterns of codependency. Seeking individual counseling for yourself may be in order so you can help your daughter is necessary, then start now.

7. Begin team sports early

Research is showing that girls who engage in team sports develop a higher sense of self esteem. If surrounded by female peers, they will not be looking for validation and affirmation from boys.

8. Don’t borrow her clothes.

Let her develop her own sense of style. It’s important for your teen to feel independent and unique. Allow her to have her own style and uniqueness.

Self Esteem and Our Daughter’s

9. Be careful what magazines you leave laying around.

Fashion magazines are great for fashion, not that great for a developing girl’s self esteem. After reading magazines focused solely on outward appearance, your daughter’s curiosity starts to turn to comparing herself.

10. Make sure that she knows you love her no matter what.

At the end of the day tell your daughter how perfectly unique she is in all of her perceived flaws. Remind her that humans are created uniquely for a reason and that embracing those differences in others is important. Help your daughters self esteem to flourish and grow.

Self Esteem for Girls and Counseling Benefits

Seek teen counseling today for your daughter. Young girls today need a voice and a safe place to process their feelings and emotions. All teens deserve a place to process anger, depression, anxiety and much more. Therapy can provide the atmosphere to allow your teen to feel comfortable, listened to and not judged. A teen will open up and trust the therapist. She will naturally want to include the family in on the process.