Rebecca White, LMHC

Qualified Supervisor
(Individuals, Teens, Sex Therapy, Couples)

“Therapy should not be theory driven but relationship driven.”-Irvin D. Yalom, M.D.

If nothing else bonds us, it is the relationships in which we form, build, and maintain. Therapy allows you the chance to explore your relational attachments. As well as bonds, patterns, and experiences through your relationship with your therapist. You’re seeking therapy for a reason. You’ve probably talked to those your closest to about the things that are plaguing your mind. Or maybe you’re the type that bottles it up and has to much pride to talk about it. You have a fear of holding back. You find yourself hesitant to reveal your true self. There is a real fear of being judged, left, or isolated. Therapy should be driven by the relationship you build with your therapist, and not a theory or a textbook.

You take the skills you learn in the therapist-client relationship and apply them into your life and your experiences. You are unique and you deserve someone that will encourage you to explore you. Someone you can feel comfortable with exploring the things that are scary and uncomfortable and be there with you to find your light.

Rebecca White LMHC

I counsel with the desire and conviction to help you find your voice. Forge your own path in life that helps you live your authentic and true self. Not how others tell you to feel, think, or live. What freedom could you accomplish if you did not allow other’s narrative to shape your way? Let me help you be the narrator of your story.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida with a progressive approach to therapy services that combines different therapeutic techniques, tools, and approaches to best fit the needs of clients to promote their personal growth. I assist individuals by helping empower you to remove the obstacles from life that are preventing your true potential. There is no one like you and your therapy should be tailored to your needs. I feel honored to work with my clients. Feel free to book a session online or call at 407-967-1327.

Rebecca White LMHC And Where I Got My Start

I graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago with a BA (Bachelor of Arts) Psychology and completed my graduate degree at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Illinois with a MA (Master of Arts) in Psychology. With more than 15 years of working directly with individuals and families I feel equipped to work with you.

I work with adolescent, young adult, and adult clients, as well as family systems, especially those struggling with relationship issues, family or couple conflict, depression, anxiety, anger, behavioral disorders, conflict, substance use, trauma, disorder eating, risky/harmful sexual behaviors, and other unhelpful behaviors. My approach is holistic to addressing the whole person and not just symptoms or behaviors that other people can see. I seek to help you discover the things that are under the behaviors. The stem of what leads us to express ourselves. Most of us are unaware of our behaviors and actions. The goal in therapy is to help you create patterns of behaviors that promote alignment and balance. I’m willing to do the work. Are you? When you are ready to take that next step I am here.

A word from the owner of High Expectations Counseling:

Rebecca White is a very talented therapist and we are excited to have her as part of our team. She brings enthusiasm and a spark that cannot be denied. She has a true calling to treat each client with the upmost respect. Call today to book a 15 min phone consultation with her.