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Psychotherapy referred to also as talk therapy, counseling, and therapy is the process that focuses on helping others to learn and find healing in a more productive and constructive way. It focuses on helping people to resolve inner turmoil in their lives that is seemingly causing pain and discomfort. Psychotherapy is supportive for those going through difficult times in their lives and under tremendous amounts of stress, anxiety, fear and much more. Many seek psychotherapy for life changing decisions such as career moves, marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, etc.

Psychotherapy and When Should It Be Used?

Anytime psychotherapy is beneficial. Even if your life is going seemingly well you can always use an extra set of eyes that are helping to look at the system standing outside. Psychotherapy is typically harm fee when utilized correctly. If you find yourself in distress it is highly recommended. Almost all individuals, teens, children, couples and families can benefit at some point in their lives by attending sessions with a psychotherapist.

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Millions per year seek help from a psychotherapist. There is enough research to show that it clearly benefits anyone attending. Ethical therapist will tell you accurately if they feel you do or do not need therapy. During the first initial treatment with my clients, it becomes clear to see the work and the path we need to go down to provide assistance that is tailor fit to your areas of concern.

Psychotherapy as Not Shown on TV

Modern everyday psychotherapy is very different than what you see on television with hollywood actors. They portray the therapist as hands off, you lying on a couch whining about your day to day problems as you sip your coffee. At the onset of therapy it is more than likely recommended you seek sessions on a weekly basis. Most therapist see clients for 50 min. I personally have sessions lasting 75 minutes. My approach differs from many. I do not feel 50 min allows the client and therapist enough time to do the real work needed. Hollywood also portrays the therapist as the clients friend. Psychotherapy is tough but rewarding work. It challenges you to look at the irrational and distorted thinking that is driving the pain or suffering you find yourself in.

Psychotherapy and Problems Focused On

In a collaborative effort you and the therapist together at the onset of therapy will create a plan or approach related to the items or topics you want to discuss and that seem to be the most relevant to helping you. The goals are then taken and broken into bite size pieces so that you are never left feeling overwhelmed. You should feel each week that you are learning and accomplishing more and more. You will learn how your faulty thinking and perceptions lead to increase depression, relationship problems, issues with your children/teens and spouse, at work and much more.

Psychotherapy and How long Does it Last?

For most attending psychotherapy the goal is to work with you on a short term basis. Typically less than a year. For the clients I work with, it usually last anywhere from 4 to 6 months. Clients attend occasional sessions after once monthly if needed to help when they feel stuck. If your in therapy longer than a year there may be some countertransference between you and the therapist. A dependency may have grown. You feel unable to cope or make decisions without the advice of your therapist. This is not healthy and therapist should know that it is not ethical.

Psychotherapy Works When You Work It

Psychotherapy works when the client is self motivated. If motivated by threats of a loved one in their desire to change that person it will not work. If you have made up you mind to not change then therapy will do nothing to help. Real lasting change will only occur when you let down your guard and feel safe to allow another to see what you perceive as your weakness. I personally do not see these areas as weaknesses.

Ego and the mind does but not the spirit of the individual. Psychotherapy challenges you to think outside of the box you are stuck in. To try new things and new ways of looking at solutions. It does challenge your belief systems. The goal is to find the conditioned responses you bring into everyday situations that are calling the shots. This black and white thinking is creating a very small and narrow way of living.  


Common Types of Psychotherapy

Call today for a free phone session and see if psychotherapy sounds like a good choice to you. What do you have to lose? You only have wonderful new ways of looking at life and yourself to gain.



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