Private Practice Consulting Orlando

Private practice consulting Orlando and how to go about starting your own therapy business. Opening up your own therapy practice can be overwhelming and very scary. The thought of leaving an agency or a group practice means that you no longer have the safety net of reassurance that you will get paid a certain amount. On a good note though the path has been laid out for you if you are able to work hard, stay consistent and put the pieces of the puzzle together. You can set your own hours, choose the types of clients you want to work with and be free from agency work that so quickly can lead to burnout.


Private Practice Consulting in Orlando: What Are The Right Steps To Start?

As the owner of High Expectations Counseling I can tell you I have had my fair share of loss in attempting to venture out on my own. The first time out I lasted a little over a year. I had no guidance or support. I thought I only had to create a website and get an office. Then I would be good to go and clients would just start calling. I was in for a big surprise. Sure I got a handful of clients but not enough to keep my doors open. It was discouraging and with my head down I had to return to the world of working at an agency where I felt overwhelmed, underpaid and limited in my abilities to effectively assist clients wanting to make real change.


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Private Practice Consulting : Where To Turn For Help

I have now been back out on my own for 8 years with a thriving practice and have five therapists that work with me. We are growing and doing better than ever. I made the decision once failing that I would do whatever it took to get back to having my own practice. I studied for hours researching other models. It was important that I researched the most effective key terms and blogged like crazy. I knew that if I was going to last in this field I had to figure it out. Within no time I started seeing the phone ring and my calendar fill up.

It seems like in the past 5 years there are many sources online to help a therapist seeking to gain insight into running a private practice but they appeared to me to be a bit cookie cutter. I want to now move into the field of helping therapists entering the private practice world. By showing you the pitfalls and what worked for me and what did not work, I firmly believe I have a formula for creating a successful practice. I want to share this with others that have a sincere and ethical desire to work with their clients.

Should you choose to seek private practice consulting Orlando for your practice, together we will work side by side to get you to a place that feels comfortable and manageable. Everything from, booking clients, implementation of software, social media to blogging and intake packets already complete for your use. Also how to create an effective website that will catch clients attention and is relatable. What do you have to lose? I wish I had found someone to help guide me and help.


Private Practice Consulting Orlando

Give me a call today at 321-444-5658 or email me at Let’s take this journey together. You will feel supported, clear in what needs to be done and excited to start this new journey. You don’t have to go it alone. I am not interested in charging an arm and a leg. Working together will be unique and tailor fitted to what outcomes you’re seeking. Take the leap. I don’t think you will regret it.