Present Centered Awareness Therapy

Present Centered Awareness Therapy and Consciousness. The word Dukkha translates into the word “suffering ‘. It also refers to unsatisfactory and uncertainty as it relates to change. Also it means the quality of unsatisfactory and uncertainty related to change. The Buddhist tradition believes in the alleviation of dukkha. The path to peace and true freedom is a personal one. It pulls from many western therapies and spiritual approaches and practices.

Most therapist aim to assist clients in strengthening their sense of self and spiritual counseling places a strong emphasis on self actualization and transcendence. Present centered awareness embraces both ideas and aims to help one release from the inner turmoils they place from their perception and conditioning. The conditioned mind as it relates to their images of themselves in context of life.

Present Centered Awareness Therapy - How It Works

How does it work? Present centered awareness therapy is used as way to increase ones consciousness and as a self discovery technique. A path of unfolding and realization of ones true self. The goals aim to assist in the following areas:

  • Understand the identification with the ego and how the mind controls thoughts and behaviors.
  • Present moment awareness and the practice of not allowing the mind to place judgement on the past to determine the future.
  • Mindfulness training and alignment of mind, body and spirit.
  • Acceptance of self and others through full awareness of the nonjudgmental state of being for self and others.
  • Resolving inner turmoil by looking at the conditioned self as it relates to the “story” you perceive and tell yourself.
  • Alignment of self with accordance of present moment reality.
  • The liberation of ones self from the trap of the mind and true freedom from identification of self in the world outside of self.

Benefits of Present Centered Awareness Therapy

The benefits of present centered awareness therapy are endless. You will see suffering, anxiety and depression melt away. As you fully understand that your perception of this world has been holding you in bondage you will start to unfold to a higher path of awareness and consciousness. You will see that your connected with all of life in an ever evolving pattern and process. A “dance” I like to call it. No longer are you tied to the ideas and desires of the world. You personalize nothing. You see everyone else as having their own personal dream and interpretations have nothing to do with you. Be bold to take this journey of true peace and transformation.