Phobias And Counseling Orlando

Phobias and counseling Orlando. Fear towards a particular thing or a situation is something everyone goes through.  Phobias or irrational fears can create an impact to a great extent that sometimes can be irreversible. Usually, phobias are towards things that do not harm you. We all are pretty aware of the fact that every human is different and unique. Similarly, a phobia is also very different and varies from person to person. Most people fear a particular thing that may not show up very early or even after a long time. People do not realize their fear of it unless they are faced with the situation.

Phobia towards a situation, activity, or a thing is considered okay until it creates stress and extreme life disturbances. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to overcome your phobia. 

Phobias seem to be a fancy word for fear, right? Have you ever wondered about the history of phobia?  The word phobia comes from the Greek word “phobos,” which means morbid fear. The discovery of phobia dates back to the 1950s; psychiatrist Joseph Wolpe paved the path for advances in the field of phobia. The history of phobia is fascinating and also informative for people.

Phobias And Counseling Orlando

How a person can be affected by phobias?

Specific phobias tend to develop in children below the age of ten. The onset of those phobias gradually builds over time as a repercussion of any traumatic incident in the past. For example getting bitten by a dog can develop a phobia for dogs.  A phobia needs not be identified immediately. However it is practically impossible you can only know your phobia until faced with a certain situation for the first time. For example, not everyone has a fear of small spaces. It’s when we are faced with the situation we find that we have an abnormal fear or phobia. 

Around the globe, most people have social phobia where there is a constant fear of social interactions. The alternative term for social phobia is Social Anxiety Disorder. And this condition ranks top in the list of human phobias. There are about 30+ phobias, though, among which only 10 to 15 of them are real and noticed in humans commonly. 

Phobia can completely disrupt your life in the long run. It is important that you seek help or counseling to get the support to overcome this. Without recovering you limit your quality of life.  People just let their phobia quietly paralyze them from the inside. When people start noticing your fears, you can often times feel people are making light of your situation. When confronted by the phobia you may see physical signs of sweating, shallow breathing, and a real urge to leave the place or conversation.

Symptoms that can alert you that you are experiencing results stemming from a phobia

  • Dizziness
  • Profuse sweating
  • Sudden tremors
  • Shuttered speech
  • Increased heartbeat

A Phobia test usually involves your specialist or qualified therapist questioning you about family history or any past incident that has significantly impacted you. These days you can just look for a phobia specialist near you on the net, and you can get a couple of them from which you can choose. The good news is you can overcome your phobias. The therapist may recommend you to undergo therapies like exposure therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

You may get medicines to calm your anxiety related to phobia, but you need to be honest and speak to your therapist accurately about how you feel. This is essential in counseling. Counseling can help calm your anxiety and also promote healthy thinking procedures. Mental health therapy helps to change the neuron pathways that have been firing off for years keeping you stuck in your fear. This can give your life fulfillment in regards to your standard of living. You can find a counseling therapist nearby who can assist you defeat your phobia.

A few of the methods most effective in treating phobias may include:

Exposure Therapy- This usually involves exposing you to the particular phobia you are facing and gradually making you feel comfortable about it. First you will be asked to imagine your fear then starting to move closer to actually being placed close to your phobia. Eventually you will find it is not as scary as you imagined. For example, if you have a fear of elevators your therapist might start off by showing you a few images of an elevator and then with each step, the procedure develops. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on the thoughts developed when faced with your phobia. For example, people tend to think of unrealistic situations around a phobia that is impossible in reality. So this therapy focuses on controlling these cognitive thoughts.

Finding a phobia therapist near me

It is an intimidating task to find a professional expert to whom you can confide in. But, thanks to the internet, you can find reviews, their qualifications, and other relevant information that can help you find the right choice. This can take a couple of hours, but this is a crucial step to help you move towards your new life. Make sure to ask the therapist about their experience in working with individuals with phobias.

Counseling for phobias Orlando

If someone close to you or someone you know is battling daily with a phobia, you can reach out to counseling centers nearby. At High Expectations Counseling we have trained therapists ready to help you. Call us today at 407-967-1327 for a free 15 minute phone consultation. Get the proper treatment for yourself instead of surrendering your life to fear and making it difficult for you and your dear ones.