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I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), and received my M.A. in Clinical Psychology in 2017. In my experience of working as a therapist thus far, I have been heartened to meet and walk people through challenges which included substance abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, parenting skills, relationship distress, grief and loss, and adjusting to various life changes. I’ve had the fortune of doing this work across different states (IN, MA, FL) in the US, allowing me to recognize how one’s unique environment and culture impacts their wellness. A universality I have found across these different environments has been that we are all yearning to be listened to. For most, half the challenge in their journey to wellness is choosing to speak to someone. It is a privilege of mine to be that listening ear.

Being someone who immigrated to the US myself, and practiced in different socio-cultural environments, I practice consciousness and sensitivity to individuals of all cultural background, sexual and gender identities, and disabilities. My intention is to understand the intersectionality between the factors that identify us and those that support our mental and emotional health.

I believe therapy to be a collaborative and layered process. My primary goal is to provide a comfortable, safe space for you to speak. I aim to learn what you would like to achieve in your time with me and collaborate with you to determine achievable goals. Some practices I use include mindfulness exercises, breath work and relaxation, and art to direct focus to the present moment. As a therapist, it will always be important for me to acknowledge what is significant to you, whether it is past traumas, current changes, or worries about the future. With each of these may come maladaptive thought patterns and behaviors. I work to guide you through identifying, challenging, and then changing patterns that have not worked for you. Finally, I encourage the implementation of new adaptive thoughts and behavior patterns in all contexts you occupy to help you live your life to the highest fulfillment!

Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and how I may fit into your journey to wellness!

Thank you!
Parita Alwani