Parenting Orlando and Why Is It So Hard?

Parenting Orlando

Parenting Orlando and Why Is It So Hard?

Why won’t you do the job of Effective Parenting Orlando?

So let’s at least get honest and admit that you’re really not seeing your child at all. Your selfishly stealing the life and their childhood years from them. Why would there ever be any room for guilt or shame when it comes to helping children understand that there are boundaries, rules and guidelines in this world to keep them safe?

Parenting Orlando | Re parenting Yourself First

Feeling guilty when you ask a child to help around the house is a form of selfishness. Not only does it send a message to the kid that they must not be capable of doing anything but it tells yourself that you’re so important you must insert yourself into your child’s life sucking it right out of them.

The following are questions I use with parents to help them see that they are not seeing their child and meeting the needs but instead living in anxiety and fear from their past.

1. Can you give a clear definition for guilt and shame?

2. Why can’t you allow you child to think for themselves or make a decision?

3. What is the knee jerk response you get when your child misbehaves? Do you see it as unacceptable or as normal child or teen development and experimentation?

4. Are you nervous when you think your child is not doing their very best? They may be showing signs of normal teen age behavior. Some of which are the tendency to be lazy, argumentative, non compliant, etc? Don’t be so quick to label your child with ADD or Conduct Disorder.

In order for you to start understanding how to effectively parent you must understand why you are making the decisions you are for you kids. What is the desired outcome, why, how are you going to assist them? Are you even going to allow them to do it on their own? If you cannot answer these questions clearly then maybe you need individual counseling to clear away some programming or conditioning from your childhood.

Parenting Orlando | Seek Counseling

If you find yourself identifying with any of the above examples, don’t wait to seek counseling. Understand my approach and seek to be mindful and present in your child’s life today.

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