Parenting Counseling Orlando – You Will Want To Get Involved

Parenting Counseling Orlando

Parenting Counseling Orlando and the important role parents play in the lives of their children. Often times when a disruption occurs at home the first thing parents do is seek therapy for their children. They immediately think that the child must be “fixed”. How did the system become dysfunctional in the first place? Who is leading the example for them to follow? The parents are the most influential adult is the child’s eyes. We live in a society where parents think that at the snap of a finger the therapist can work with the children and “cure them”. This is far from the case. It requires that the parents take a good hard look at their role in creating the dysfunction occurring in the home.

Parenting Counseling Orlando

What are some of the reasons why a family suddenly gets knocked of course. The following is a list of some of the most common reasons leading a parent to seek therapy for their child:

  • The child is unable to listen to or follow the rules at the house. Are you and your husband or partner sending a united and consistent message to the children? Do they know what the consequences are should they break the rules? Are rules even set in the first place?
  • Parents lives are so busy that they feel resentful, anxious and overwhelmed with the duty of parenting. I see many parents on burnout. They run themselves ragged with all of the commitments and obligations they place on themselves and the family.
  • Parent are sending inconsistent messages to their children. They tell them that a certain behavior is unacceptable but then the parent is performing that act daily. An example would be a father who tells his son that drinking is not allowed and will lead to a destructive life. As the parent is explaining this concept they have a drink in their hand.
  • Are there clear cut rules and are they checked up on consistently? Do you even know what type of style works best for your family? Are you so overwhelmed that you cannot follow through on sticking with the rules and implementing swift action?¬†

parenting counseling Orlando

Parenting Counseling Orlando – It Starts With You

In order for the family system to return to a healthy state, the parents must be willing to set the example. You must be willing to show your children that there is nothing to fear when seeing a counselor. If a parent  refuses to look at themselves then how can they expect their child to do the same? For many parents the thought of coming into therapy is hard. They do not want to admit often that they are the ones causing the inconsistency and unbalance in the home.

Seek the help you need today. First look at your role as the parent and setting up the stage at home for success. It sure makes my job a lot easier. When I have two parents willing to actively participate in therapy it flows naturally. It shows your children that you are not afraid to receive help and look at yourself.


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