Online Counseling and Phone Therapy Services Orlando

Online counseling and phone therapy services Orlando is newer to the field of therapy. The idea of not meeting a client face to face was hard to wrap my head around. Questions about client and therapist relationship, effectively communicating with my clients, picking up on body language and other non verbals were all concerns of mine. I would not use online or phone sessions up until about three years ago with clients. Today we see that online counseling and phone therapy are there own stand-alone forms of therapy.

Online counseling and phone therapy services Orlando allows me to assist my clients through their challenges. I can detect irrational and distorted thought patterns. I am able to use the same interventions and techniques as I would in face to face sessions.

After careful consideration, I decided to give this method a try as its own service separate from face to face traditional therapy. I can see the benefits of it. Online counseling and phone therapy services Orlando reaches clients that would never consider booking a face to face due to various reasons. Some of which might be social anxiety, physical limitations, living in a remote area without access to travel, and clients traveling for business. Some therapists only offer online therapy as their primary type of service for clients. Many people prefer these methods. They can conduct session with their therapist from the comfort of their home. It is convenient when they are traveling for work.

Common Issues

Any area of concern can be addressed via online counseling and phone therapy today. Anything from anxiety to substance abuse and addiction, depression, relationship and marital problems. They can be addressed with online counseling. The goal is for you to desire to reach out. Do the action of seeking help. This is the biggest step.

For many the thought of coming in for a face to face session is scary. Many teens today are utilizing online counseling. They feel less “exposed” and better able to warm up to the idea of connecting with a therapist.

Benefits of Online Counseling and Phone Therapy Services Orlando


    Online counseling is easy for all wishing to use it. Understanding the benefits of online therapy helps you to see what a great resource it is. Online counseling helps to overcome several barriers that keep some from seeking therapy. Individuals who reside in a rural or remote area. We see here limited to no access for counseling face to face. Those people who are physically disabled and unable to leave home. They now can easily connect with a therapist at the touch of a few buttons.


    Online counseling and phone therapy services Orlando is very convenient. The therapist and client have more flexibility to set up times that work.

    If you travel for work how would you be able to make your appointments? We can schedule around your schedule. Trust me I like the idea of a 10 pm session after my daughter is asleep.


    With the absence of face to face contact the client may feel more comfortable in opening up. This leads to increased levels of honesty. It results in higher rates of validity in regards to the case of self disclosure. The internet offers people the anonymity they seek.

Various ways to communicate for online counseling and phone therapy services Orlando


An effective way to conduct therapy for those unable or just prefer to do therapy online. You may travel often or maybe even are uncomfortable to come in for an office session. Whatever the case may be, it is just as an effective form of therapy and should be considered if your looking for therapy services.

Phone Therapy

This is another effective type of counseling. Many utilize this if they are seeking to conduct 30-45 minute sessions. It is all about what your are comfortable with.