Mindfulness, Compassion and Love

Mindfulness, compassion and love flower

Mindfulness, Compassion and Love 

Mindfulness, compassion and love changes your life and brings in bliss.The topic today seems to be clearly who is or is not capable of leading this nation. So clearly the emphasis has been placed on creating two parties to go to war and rip each other to pieces. Seems so very kind doesn’t it? All we hear and see is anger, rage, resentment, denial, victim mentality, blame, racism, bigotry and on and on. These stories make the headlines and the news is pumping it out into our living rooms nightly for all to hear. Compassion and love do not seem to be a very popular topic 

Individuals and society as a whole have misconceptions about what it means to be kind, loving and compassionate. We are conditioned to believe that at the mere mention of compassion someone is weak. The technical, busy grind of our culture honors those who are ruthless, direct and take an aggressive approach to getting what they want. In reality most of us all struggle with the voice of judgment when we find we cannot live up to our own expectations. This is the same voice that judges others around us. Constantly we live in a nightmare with negative emotions, fear, feeling of inadequacy and doubt. We feel disconnected to each other and feelings of shame haunt us. We are riddled with anxiety.

How would the world look and feel if we turned the volume down on the hate and rage and increased the level of compassion, love and kindness? 

Mindfulness, compassion and love

Mindfulness, Compassion and Love | Practicing the Art of Allowance

Being mindful and practicing mindfulness is about staying in the present moment and being intentional about the words coming out of our mouths and our actions. Intentional about who you keeping around as company and friends. Do they see the world the same as you? Mindfulness practice helps a person to have a stance or take the position and attitude of staying open, non judgmental, allowing others to be who they are without placing your conditions or expectations on each other and self.

The following is a list of who you may try to send loving acts of kindness to. Start practicing being more and allowing more love and compassion into your life.

  • Yourself
  • A close friend
  • A complete stranger
  • Your enemy or a difficult person
  • All of human life

The thought of sending out love and/or the act changes the complete way your brain is wired. You start to see life as beautiful and perfect. No longer are you a stranger. You see yourself in everyone because you understand the interconnectedness of all mankind. Through intentional repetition comes complete rewiring. We start to see the following manifest.

  • A reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Reduction in self-criticism
  • Increased level of empathy for all
  • Improvements in your social and interpersonal relationships
  • An Increase in your positive emotions and a decrease in negative emotions
  • Decreased irritability and feelings of isolation

Mindfulness, Compassion and Love Creates Your Reality

Here is the bottom line: We can create heaven or hell here on earth by how we choose to view and perceive things with our mind. Send out love and you get love back. Be intentional about what energy your putting out in this world. Be loving and kind to yourself. Watch the world around you change before your very eyes. People will be drawn to you like a magnet. You will know your highest self and be an example for those who come across your path. You will powerful beyond words and touch and change lives around you.


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