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Mental Health services and therapy that is effective and direct. Transforming your entire self. This is not for the person simply seeking coping skills. This type of approach asks that you gain the awareness to make positive and healthy life decisions. Watch your life become totally transformed.

Our goal is to bring into alignment the mind, body and spirit. Taking a holistic approach to understanding yourself and how you operate in this world. High Expectations Counseling aims to address mental heath related. This is therapy with a purpose that incorporates a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

Seek to get rid of the blocks and negative patterns in your life. Understand how your emotions and thoughts produce the dramatic events and unwanted behaviors. Therapy at High Expectations Counseling involves a total transformation from who you describe yourself to be and who you truly and authentically are.

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Life Counseling Orlando

Our goal is to support you in helping you find lasting results. The results that will bring fulfillment and pleasure to your life. Understand our approach and learn about each counselors path to becoming a therapist and what their passions are.

Together in collaboration with some of the most dynamic and forward thinking therapists in the field, we bring you the type of therapy services that are life effective. It is not our intention to keep you in therapy a long time. Once you gain awareness you will see there is no longer the need to continue the maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. Again this is not a quick fix solution but if your open to being teachable you will see instant growth and a shift.

You will start to understand that we have all been conditioned to act and think a certain way by outside influences: society, parents, government, education, social media, religion. Once we start to strip away those narrative and masks we have been wearing we see that we were not aligned with our own truth but rather who other people told us was truth. The return to the “true self” is the best work and bravest anyone can do. Congratulations for taking this step.

Coping skills and setting boundaries is great for most therapist but are of no interest to us. That is doing a great disservice to your spirit and who you are. Don’t learn to manage symptoms when you can get rid of them for good. Who wants to cope with depression and anxiety when it can be dissolved?

This band-aid therapy approach most counselors use is what I refer to as “Sleep State Therapy”. Telling a client to count to 10 when angry or to “agree to disagree” with your partner does nothing at all. You want to dissolve depression, anxiety, codependency, addiction, anger, fear, etc. We will get to the root of the problem. You will gain the awareness you need to see your blind spots. There will no longer be a use for the behaviors and irrational thoughts to continue.

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Life Counseling Orlando

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health counseling that brings into alignment the mind, body and spirit. At High Expectations Counseling we blend together cutting edge therapies with traditional therapy. We know too much today about how our thoughts drive our behaviors. It is our conditioning and old narratives that we must challenge. Our old ways of thinking are not allowing us to live the life we were designed to live. We are not concerned with coping skills. Our goal is to get to the roof of the issue and eliminate the need to ever have to cope with an issue.

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Group Therapy

Provides a nurturing and supportive atmosphere to discuss your problems, concerns and life challenges. Get plugged in with others that can relate and connect.

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Community Outreach/Veterans Support and Peer Specialist

High Expectations cares about our community and assisting those in need. As a way to give back we seek to connect by providing services to veterans, their families and many who are transitioning back into the workforce. We provide a wide range of counseling services.

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Understanding the value of fitness and nutrition as an integral part of your overall mental health and well-being. Bringing into alignment the mind and body.

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Private Consulting

Private Practice Consulting

For therapist ready to venture out on their own and into private practice. Learn the inside and outside of the industry and how to launch with success.

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Mental Health Resource Networking

Resources / Podcast / Recommended Reading

Stay in touch with the most recent information in the field of mental health as it relates to your ongoing growth and transformation.

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Creating Lasting Change

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It is a true blessing and honor to meet our clients along this journey of theirs. We have a love and respect for the brave clients that choose to do this work and are honored to be of assistance. Thank you to all for touching and changing our lives.


We do not treat symptoms. Getting to the core fear underneath the symptoms, (Depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, etc) is key. These are indicators of a deeper level of ourselves. A level that most are unaware even exist. This level is the true self. The mind cannot identify or define you anymore.


It is our desire that clients see us as a team working together. Taking an honest, non judgmental approach. Learning to be easy and not hard on yourself. Being honest enough to allow your ego to step aside. There is the ability to correct the thinking and internal dialogue that has conditioned us since birth. It is a true path and return to the actualization of the true self. The purest form of therapy and self discovery there is.

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