I am a telehealth counseling intern here at High Expectations. I attend Northwestern University’s graduate program for counseling. This provides you an opportunity to work with a counselor in training at a reduced fee and have more eyes on your concerns. I specialize in working with individuals with concerns related to: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Motherhood/Parenting
  • Self-worth or self-esteem
  • Life changes 
  • Self-discovery 

Even though we would work one on one privately, I will be under weekly supervision of Sally High, LMHC, and owner of High Expectations so there will be a wealth of knowledge applied to your case. I use a holistic and integrative approach to therapy. I work with you to realize your goals. I am here to join you in your journey, to facilitate change with unconditional positive regard. 

With all the things that occur in our world, to all the things we need and want to accomplish in our daily lives, things can become overwhelming. Sometimes we feel lost and do not know where we are going next or how to get elsewhere. There are times where sudden changes occur and our entire lives are flipped upside down without input from us at all. There are moments where things become too much to handle, and we need help. It is okay to need help. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, dealing with self-esteem concerns, or attempting to understand what the next chapter for your life is, my goal is to create a safe environment to work out these feelings and concerns in a therapeutic setting. It is a space of no judgment. It is a space to allow yourself to sit with the feelings, confront the feelings, and move past them. My goal is to join you in strengthening your relationship and resolve conflicts you may have with yourself and or others. 

To understand some more about my background, I will share a pivotal experience that changed the trajectory of my life forever. In 2016, I went through the darkest time of my life. I did not want to be here; I no longer wanted my life. Many changes I did not comprehend were occurring around me and I was lost. I was exhausted. I did not see a light at the end of the tunnel. I understood how far my mind could go when it was unwell. It was scary and not a place I ever want to me in again. However, in the same year I thankfully sought out help and I discovered how much my mind can shift positively through the help of talk therapy. My entire perspective of the world changed after I looked within, dug deep, and did the work. I came to realize how attached I was to certain ideas and how much control I truly had over my life to significantly change it. I entered therapy feeling helpless and hopeless and by the end, I felt empowered and clear. It was incredible. 

I have enjoyed helping, nurturing, serving, and holding space for others for as long as I can remember. Pairing that with my positive experience with talk therapy, the idea of studying to become a mental health counselor fell into place. I want to pay it forward and serve others during a time of great need just as I was helped when I was struggling mentally and emotionally. 

It is truly a great privilege to be a part of people’s story of healing and to be entrusted with their stories. It is not something I take for granted. I am beyond grateful to have you be a part of my story as I continue learning and growing as a counselor in training.