Marriage and Relationship Counseling Orlando

marriage and relationship counseling orlando

Marriage counseling Orlando, seeks to look at systems of communication and patterns that have been going on for several years that no longer are effective or is causing increased conflict and discord. These systems over time tend to continue and play out in relationships causing more and more anger and frustration. Marriage Counseling in Edgewood is very beneficial.

What Marriage Counseling Orlando is Not:

  • A place to embarrass the other partner in an attempt to get the therapist to “take sides”.
  • Geared toward the story line but rather the patterns that continue to repeat. Rehashing old stories that felt painful does not help to move forward.
  • An opportunity to get a professional to “back you up” and say that you are right and the other partner is wrong. Both are equally part of the problems and the solutions.

Marriage Counseling Orlando

Counseling for couples is about restoring balance, both partners feeling appreciated and validated. Listening and seeing how each other can not only improve the relationship but improve themselves as a whole.

All too often a couple has forgotten to get back to the basics of what attracted them in the first place. They are caught up in the blame game that seems to go nowhere. As your therapist it is my job to help each couple take ownership and responsibility for their part in the issues that brought them to therapy. To work towards learning healthy patterns of communication so each feel appreciated, heard and validated.

Marriage Counseling Orlando and the Baggage We Bring In

Adults bring years of their own experiences from past relationships. Family of origin issues and their own belief systems about relationships. With these expectations they try force their opinions on the other and change that person. They have set unrealistic expectations on their partner and/or themselves. They find they are disappointed, anxious, angry and distraught when these expectations are not met. Rediscovering each other for the first time is key to learning a new method of reengaging in the relationship. This builds a strong and lasting bond.

Most couples, similar to family counseling rarely come into therapy both highly motivated and ready to work on improving their relationship. One is felt dragged into session. It becomes a last ditch effort to save the marriage. It’s important for me to remember that much like family therapy, I am looking at systems of communication and patterns that have been going on for several years. The patterns that no longer are effective or never were in the first place.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling Orlando - Individual and Together

Some therapists want to meet individually with the clients and then have them together at certain times throughout therapy. I believe the best work with couples is done with both involved and present at the first session. There are the exceptions of course. Signs of emotional, physical or verbal abuse from the other partner. Also if one of the partners is dealing with deep wounds from the past and are unable to move ahead without individual therapy to work on past family of origin issues. These issues do not relate to the present relationship but are affecting it.

Marriage Counseling and Relationships Orlando - Specialties

  • Healthy Relationships and Dating

    Looking at past patterns of dating and moving forward into new relationships with a much healthier mindset and a better sense of self.

  • Codependency

    Learning the importance of what codependency is, how it affects the relationship and help for overcoming the need to care take, fix and control.

  • Premarital Counseling

    Seeking help and guidance to set you and your partner up for a great fresh start in your marriage.

  • Couples Counseling and My Approach

    Understanding the approach a therapist takes is important to successfully healing the breakdown in communication. My approach is unique and effective.

  • Relationship Advice

    How do we start a fresh new relationship? Learn from some great teachers the top 10 best advice for putting your best foot forward.

  • What A Healthy Marriage Looks Like

    Understand the key components to what makes a marriage healthy. You will be surprised how little it has to do with the other person.

  • Ending a Relationship

    Learn how to navigate through the tough waters and come out the other side a better person. Full of love and awareness. Learn to use your break up as a great wealth of information for future ones to come.

  • Does Marriage Counseling Work

    It works if your both wiling to put forth the effort. What if only one is willing. Read more to understand.