Life-Coaching Orlando | Finding The Right Fit For Me

Life-Coaching Orlando

Life-Coaching Orlando

Life-Coaching Orlando and how to choose the right life coach for me. In my previous blog I defined what a life coach is and the function and benefits of life-coaching. Let’s discuss how to find one that is the right fit for you.

A life-coach specializes in several areas. Some are skilled to help when wanting to focus on a career shift, others assist in the area of finding your life purpose or how to choose a life partner. Many focus on how to help you structure your life and get it uncluttered from all of the distractions. There are few limits to the areas in which a life-coach Orlando can assist you but most are highly skilled in certain areas than others. This is why taking your time to find the right fit is so important.

Life-Coaching Orlando | Kinds of Life Coaches

The following list are the most common specializations you will see when searching for the right fit. 

Determining what Coach To Go With

Many seek a life-coaching Orlando for several of the above reasons at the same time. As a licensed mental health counselor, I am able to be bend and mold to fit into each category when assisting my clients. In the end you want to feel connected and that your life-coach feels like they truly understand your needs and how to help you to reach your goals. I am skilled at helping in all of the above areas due to my 15 year history as a therapist as well as my own personal history and discovery through the help of a life coach.

Confidentiality is held at the utmost respect. Sessions are help confidential and information is never shared. Just like a client who enters counseling for mental health therapy. There must be mutual respect and trust in order for you to feel comfortable doing the work necessary.  

Life-Coaching Orlando

Life-Coaching Orlando | Costs

Making sure that your needs are met is my top priority. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the right fit. Be cautious for those who tell you sessions come in a package deal over a couple thousand dollars. Life-coaching Orlando meets the clients where the need is. It is a personal and tailor fit schedule that both you and I will discuss. Always make sure to explain to your potential life coach that you have multiple goals you want to work on. This way assisting you in making the best decision on which might be the most important to focus on first can be made. 

Trust your natural instincts and intuition. Do not hesitate to consult with different coaches. Many have different styles and techniques. You want to feel motivated and fully supported and inspired. I always tell my clients to interview me and understand my approach fully before committing to life-coaching. Making life coaching affordable is important for me and my clients. I want them to feel they are not having anxiety on top of the issues they are seeking coaching for. What is the point in creating more anxiety and stress? Please refer to my Fees for more information regarding pricing and pay structure.

Life-Coaching Orlando | Setting up The First Appointment 

What does it look like to set up the first appointment? I want you to feel comfortable and know that you have made the right decision. I offer a free 30 minute phone session prior to the first meeting. When we talk I want you to feel free to ask as many questions you have. It is my job to show you I am capable and competent in the areas you need help with. When we do meet the session will last on average 90-120 minutes. This allows us the time to go over goal setting, get your history as it relates to any blocks that may exist (depression, fears, anxieties, family issues, etc).

As a therapist and life coach I can move in and out of sessions doubling as a therapist and life coach. I am able to help you clean up the internal dialogue that is keeping your from moving forward.

Based on the number of goals and your current situation we will then discuss the frequency of sessions. There may be a need in the beginning to meet face to face for a few longer sessions. These sessions help to clear up the negative self defeating self talk. Others may be very clear about the goals they want to meet. If this is the case then we can move to phone sessions or online coaching. 

My goal is to stay flexible and to work around your schedule. Between sessions I make it a point to offer ongoing help if needed. I want you to reach out when your stuck or have an important question.

Call today and let’s start this journey together. You only have wonderful things