Individual Counseling Orlando

Individual Counseling seeks to help people sift and sort the problematic areas in their lives. The goal would be to get the client in before the problem becomes heightened to an unhealthy level.
This is done by peeling away the layers of who everyone has told you you are your whole life. We believe these narratives and soon play them out in real life. You can also think of them as masks we wear.

Counseling for individuals includes anything that you deem troublesome in your life today. Nothing is to minor to reach out and ask for guidance. Individual counseling is a one-on-one discussion between the counselor and the client. It is a place for you to find comfort, the ability to let down your guard and the mask you wear daily.

When we start to see that we have been stuck in:

-Victim mentality, the know it all, the perfectionist, the avoider, caretaker, minimizer, etc we start to see that this was nothing more than our conditioning from childhood. These mask or roles no longer serve you. It’s time to dig deeper and come to the realization of your true and authentic self.

Why Try Individual Counseling Orlando?

Are you wondering if you should obtain individual counseling? Maybe you feel helpless or hopeless about your current life and know that you were meant to be more, feel more, grow and expand. Individuals who seek therapy or life counseling services want learn how to cope with a multitude of problems in their lives. Individual counseling Orlando or having a life coach is a collaborative process between both myself and the client. As your therapist I will act as a facilitator, coach, educator, actively helping you understand the root cause of the problems or tough situations you are struggling with.

Individual Counseling Orlando - Seeks to Empower You

I want to help empower you to see that life is not a day to day grind. There are those who actually live in a state of peacefulness and harmony with themselves and others. Through the process, you will gain a new set of skills, tools, insights and approaches. You will move forward in life equipped to regain your personal power. You will find true happiness, balance and peace.

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from therapy. Most are unsure and wonder if they really need therapy. It’s a true gift to allow yourself the time to reflect, gain insight and really work on yourself. We all deserve the chance to show our true authentic and genuine self. The true self stripped away from the demands of society. Telling us who we should be.

Join me in the amazing process of uncovering who you truly are. Let go of pride, anger, fear, depression and anxiety, and your life will be transformed before your very eyes. What a true blessing and miracle. I am honored to be able to watch the unveiling of the old you into the real and authentic you.

Individual Counseling Orlando - Specialties

  • Career and work

    Learning to find balance and enjoyment in your work life.

  • Grief Counseling

    Moving through the stages of loss to restore peace and acceptance.

  • Recovering from Trauma

    Understanding the importance of letting go.

  • Anxiety Counseling

    How do we cope and deal so we can find inner happiness and peace?

  • Overcoming Anger

    Don’t let anger hold you prisoner anymore

  • Life Coaching

    Together lets work as a team to bring your life into balance and harmony.

  • Depression Counseling

    Set yourself free from depression.

  • Chronic Stress and Life Concerns

    What is chronic stress and how can you eliminate it from your life?

  • Codependency

    What is Codependency and how is this affecting your life and the ones you love?

  • Finding Happiness

    Seek counseling to bring about a spiritual shift in your thinking. Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Counseling and Narrative Therapy we will look at how to rewrite the story you tell yourself that is keep you from the happiness you deserve.

  • Time Management

    Learn how to effectively manage our time. Watch stress and anxiety slip away when you have your time manageable and you feel at peace.

  • Life Coaching

    Completely change your life, mind, body and spirit. Take the journey with me as a life coach. Looking at all areas of your life that need balance and harmony.