Average Price Per Session

Weekends – Please call for pricing and availability or book directly online.

Individual Therapy

60 Min Session – $130
75 Min Session – $160
90 Min Session – $190

Couples Therapy

60 Min Session – $160
75 Min Session – $190
90 Min Session – $220

Family Counseling

60 Min Session – $160
75 Min Session – $190
90 Min Session – $220

Group Counseling

60 Min Session -$40
75 Min Session -$55

PREPAID PACKAGE (Save $100) Individual Therapy

5 (60 min) sessions – $550
5 (75 min) sessions – $700
5 (90 min) sessions – $850

PREPAID PACKAGE (Save $100) Couples Therapy

5 (60 min) sessions – $700
5 (75 min) sessions – $850
5 (90 min) sessions – $1000

ESA (Emotional Support Animal Letters)

$150 For Phone Session and Letter

Payment plans and sliding scale available

sun Set Pier

Cost is done to tailor fit your needs. Please note that we do not rush our clients sessions. Counseling is a journey and needs to end in a natural state where you as the client walk away with awareness and insight into your concerns or issues that led you to seek therapy.

Ideally sessions that are longer allow you to get more out of therapy. Many find that 50 minutes goes by quickly. This is why we offer our clients multiple options. Clients have the choice to pick from a 45/60/75/90 min session for individual and couples therapy. Many may find the package deals below ideal for their therapeutic needs and the most economical.

When you buy a prepaid 5 package set of sessions it helps you to stay committed to the process of therapy. On days you may not want to go, you will hold yourself accountable because you made the commitment to do the work.

We are less concerned about clock watching and more concerned about our clients feeling they have received the most out of session.

Insurance vs. Private Pay

Fees For Service

  • Questions You will want to ask your provider prior to Session.

    If you want to get reimbursed for out-of-network coverage then please review your policy and as a guide you may want to ask the following when speaking to the insurance company.

    • Do I currently have coverage for mental health?
    • How much is the deductible?
    • Ask how many approved sessions for the year does the insurance plan cover?
    • How much will my policy cover for mental health services under out-of-network?
    • What steps do I take to get reimbursement for sessions with a provider that is out-of-network?
    • What will be the allotted amount of coverage for each counseling session?
    • Do I need my doctors approval first?
  • Life Counseling Orlando is an out-of-network provider

    We do not bill the insurance companies directly. Blue Cross Blue Shield does not require a prior authorization for services and will work with you to easily get reimbursed.

    For all other insurance companies you must call prior to therapy and get authorization. After sessions we can provide you with an itemized invoice with the correct coding required for reimbursement.

  • Accepted Forms Of Payment

    Life Counseling Orlando accepts all of the major credit cards, PayPal, cash, checks, and health savings debit cards.

  • Why Consider Paying Fees Privately or Out of Pocket?

    Many clients choose to not involve insurance companies for counseling services. Out of pocket therapy sessions do not limit you to a diagnosis, treatment plan or a set number of sessions. Many plans do not cover individual, couples/relational or family therapy. A diagnosis is needed if you use insurance. This becomes a part of your permanent health record. Insurance companies have full right to all your records.

    We will work collaboratively as a team to decide how often to attend therapy not the insurance companies. The final advantage relates to session availability. A person seeking counseling is ready now to work on the issue at hand. Private Pay has the flexibility to get you in to see me much sooner.