Fear and Conditioning

fear and conditioning

 Fear and Conditioning

Fear and Conditioning has molded our society into fear and anxiety. How many of us live in constant fear, turmoil, regret, feelings of shame and remorse. Now how many of us know why we feel that way? Are you able to identify the origin of the belief system in which you chose to feel the shame or guilt about? It we go around rejecting our self how can we say we love family, friends, our children and those close to us? How could that be possible if we can’t learn to love ourselves first? We need to take a close look at how fear and conditioning has developed so we can eliminate it from our lives.

  • For example, if I rejected the way I look physically and hate the shape or the size or whatever it is it on my body that I identify with, then I look at others and identify them as prettier or as having more or being better, then doesn’t that lead to jealousy, spite and resentment and anger.

Who told you that the way you look the way you talk the volume in which you speak and exude energy is wrong? Fear and conditioning did. Who told you that? Did the person who told you that not like that about themselves and just projected it onto you? Fear and conditioning did. If you don’t know the answer to that question then let me help you. The answer is YES. That is what happened. society, parents, religious doctrine. These rules that were never created through a handbook or guide book. People out of fear created these boxes to put you and themselves in.

Did you just wake up one day as a young child and say, “I hate myself. I hate every part of myself. I hate the way I look, I hate the way I feel, I’m too loud, to shy and too much?”  How do you define enough? What is enough? What is the definition of beauty, the right look or the right way to speak, act, sound?  Who made the rules?  You now find yourself a perfectionist. Was it your strict upbringing?  Was it your parents that couldn’t stand to see a child free from all conditioning? Your parents were never even aware that they were conditioned by their parents.

When we cling onto these beliefs that we are not good enough, smart enough, that we are then living a nightmare. The nightmare of fear.  Why do we continue to create human life when we don’t even know that we are so conditioned? We are programmed in the process.  The child grows up placing their parents on a pedestal and believes every word they say is right. Your child looks at you lovingly and you look back at him or her through your lens. Your broken lens of conditioning. You feel broken and do not clearly see your child. The child does not feel broken. Sooner or later the child will feel the lack spilled onto them. The child will learn through the conditioning to know hatred, fear, jealousy, anger, insecurity, spite, self-loathing, greed, depression, anxiety and on and on.

Fear and Conditioning

 Dissolving Fear and Conditioning

I say we must make a return back to self and re-parent and dispose of our old programming. You may say, “how can I heal myself if I bought into the lies and the conditioning?”  Lets start one at a time by looking not at others to blame, not looking to shame or judge, but seek rather to look at reality. The fact that nothing in this universe not one single thing from the tiniest of insects to the trees ocean and human life was ever a mistake.

All life was beautifully designed in a pattern to coexist in peace and harmony. Humans think so highly of themselves and believe they are different.  Is that not the definition of selfishness? Do you think your so different your damaged? You had to shut yourself off from trusting others so they will not hurt you? Don’t worry you hurt yourself enough. No other living, breathing species plant flower, animal, etc looks at them self as flawed. Humans are the only species to do this. If you see yourself this way, others see you in the same light.  As the saying goes. “like attracts like”.  You will surround yourself with so-called “friends or acquaintances that live a life of fear and misery.  Shaming and blaming themselves and others.  Living in chaos with petty conversations of gossip and judgment.

Fear and Conditioning | There is Nothing to Fear

All is beautiful in each form. In each unique vibration and rate at which someone speaks, acts and feels. Their energy, passion and inspiration breathe life contagious to others. Let’s let each other do their own dance, be responsible for their own lives.  

We miss the present moment  living in fear. We tell ourselves if only I could have this or that or if I could’ve done this from the past better. I need to be smarter, thinner to be better. What is the definition of better? Whose definition is it?  Fear and conditioning is a false illusion.

I see my clients come in and say, “I’m just depressed, I feel Numb. I I just don’t care much about anything”.  It excites me inside.  I can’t wait to jump in and find out what their definition is.  Why are they coming from such a selfish self loathing place? They have children or a husband/wide worried. If they are willing to look at themselves and be brave enough to take an honest inventory, they will be catapulted to a new level of awareness and consciousness. Life will forever be changed.

It’s when we put down the labels and stop believing in them and realize that we don’t own depression, fear, anxiety. It is not a true state, a natural state of being. Our natural state is filled with joy, gratitude and appreciation for all there is. For all things living, all things seen an unseen. Push through the fear and realize that it does not exist. It is a shadow in your mind created by the ego.

Don’t let fear and conditioning hold you back from being the greatest version you can be. All is well, all is good, live life to the fullest.

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