Family Counseling Orlando

Family Counseling Orlando is a passion here at High Expectations.  We love working with the whole system. Family counseling moves fast. Strategic and structural methods of counseling where we are highly involved as a member or “player” in the family. We are not passive therapist that will sit back and listen for an hour only to throw out a few suggestions. We are constantly looking for patterns and areas of communication broken down and not working. Once we find the loops and negative systems, we jump right in and start the work.

Family counseling and therapy is very unique. Most often times very small shifts and changes in behavior result quickly in positive results. Don’t worry if only one member is seeking counseling for the entire family. Change can happen even with just one! It is a gift to give your family the opportunity to grow and provide a safe and nurturing environment. Family therapy is effective. This is due to the dynamics of the family members and the ability to work with more than just one member. The more members involved the faster the change.


During a major change in the family system such as a divorce or a remarriage, the children are greatly affected. To the degree at which the adults can stay in a space that is kind and loving without  the need to paint someone as the victor and the other the destroyer, the kids can and will make a smooth transition. It all depends on if you can keep your fighter out of the situation. If you can try to stay in your adult self then your kids can see you walk through this process with dignity and respect.

  • Improvement in family communication.
  • Increased awareness of roles and how to reach each other in times of distress.
  • A more cohesive system working together for the same common goals.
  • Flexibility in communication and increased sense of autonomy and healthy dependence.
  • A greater connection to others and self.
  • Regaining your self-confidence as a parent and as the child or teen.
  • Reduction in relationships.
  • An increase in intimacy with your loved ones.
  • Increase in assertiveness and ability to speak your mind in a healthy way.
  • Regaining emotional stability.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Each member able to reach their full potential.
  • An overall lightness settles in and each member hooks their attention off of each other and let’s them be who they are.
  • Step parent and blended family issues
  • Financial hardships
  • Effective discipline and parenting styles
  • Coping with a move, loss of a close member of the family, pet.
  • Anger related issues.
  • Power and control issues
  • Mutual Respect and lack of it
  • Ongoing domestic violence, (verbal, physical, emotional)
  • Coping with a divorce or separation.
  • Problem with academics or peer relationships.

  • Effective Parenting

    Explore what works when it comes to all family members being heard, understood and communicating in a healthy way.

  • Single Parenting

    You are not alone. Learn to process the difficulties. Understand how to make life more manageable for you and your children.

  • Blended Families

    Learn to make a smooth transition for all members during the time when two families are coming together.

  • The Importance of Family Communication

    Learn the how to effectively communicate as a healthy system. Respect, listening and validating each other as a whole and as unique individuals.

  • Helicopter Parenting

    Do you allow your children the room they need to become independent thinkers? Are you able to let them face their own consequences and challenges natural in the process of development?

  • Toxic Families

    How to tell if your family is showing signs of being toxic and what you can do.

  • Benefits of Family Counseling

    What are they and can counseling help my family?

  • Broken Communication Thanks to Texting

    Texting is now the new way family members communicate. It is doing harm for families. Understand how to get back to the basic and talk.

  • The Ideal Family and What It May Look Like

    Take a look inside what a healthy family looks like. Hence there is no perfect family.

  • Family Conflict and How to Deal With It

    What do you do when your family is in constant turmoil? Understanding how to respond to your own needs and those of the other family members is vital for strengthening the family bond.