Family Counseling Benefits | What are They?

 Family Counseling Benefits

Family counseling benefits and what are they? can be a useful tool for almost any reason or situation your family is facing. Rough times affect many families in very detrimental ways. Members become overwhelmed. This causes anxiety and stress. The family unit becomes offset and out of balance. Issues may relate to separation, divorce, career changes and financial hardships, health problems, death in a family and many more. Working with a trained mental health professional can provide the family with a safe environment. The entire family benefits from counselingEven if only one of the family members are the target of therapy all can benefit because all are affected directly.

Example: A father loses his job and the family due to financial loss must move to another city to look for work. Now all are affected and each member has their own internal process. Fear, anxiety, resentment, frustration, depression, etc are some of the feelings that start to show up. Dad becomes short tempered, the kids are upset that they are suddenly ripped out of their school and mom is trying to keep the peace but silently resentful at her husband.

family counseling benefits

 4 Family Counseling Benefits

  1. Family counseling gives the tools for each member to better communicate. Communicating is key. It is important for each member to express his or her voice. Self esteem thrives when a person feels acknowledged. My job as your therapist is to help with the communication. To clear it up and put it in a way that does not shame or blame each other. Rather focuses on allowing each individual the right to discuss their internal process with each other. The goal is to learn healthier ways to talk to one another.
  2. Family counseling helps each individual understand the other’s needs and wants. Therapy with the family together allows for open flow of communication. Family members should be validated. Each has their own needs and wants when it comes to change in the family. A young girl may need for her parents to not fix but rather listen to her struggle with the change.  This ties in well with learning effective communication skills. Family counseling provides a safe place in which everyone, including your children, can express their wants and needs. When everyone feels heard and validated everyone will see tremendous growth.
  3. Family counseling benefits members working out their issues within a safe environment. As your therapist I jump right in and become one of the members. I am able to understand quickly the flow of communication and stay an outside observer. This way I can easily identify when their is a break down in communication. I can utilize role play and other effective interventions and methods to get the flow of communication working in the right direction. 
  4. Your family will see rapid results when all attend. Yes therapy can and does work if only one or a few members attend. When the entire family is in session, counseling moves much faster. I can catch everything that goes on instead of working with only one or two family members. If I work with only a few then it is their job to learn the new concept and bring it back home to the family to practice. 

Family Counseling Benefits and My Passion

Nothing brings me more joy than to work with the entire family in session. It moves at such a fast pace because each are able to really take a close up look at how they each interact with each other. I can literally jump right in and stop a system and together change it on the spot. When a member sees for the first time the relief that they feel when they finally understand a concept they feel like a thousand pounds has been removed. Give it a try and see your family get back on track. Family counseling benefits are endless.

Call today and gain the awareness and insight that will bring lasting and effective change to your family.

8 Replies to “Family Counseling Benefits | What are They?”

  1. I have a dear friend who has been having some relationship issues within her family and has been considering signing up for counseling. In the article it says that counseling provides a safe environment to work out the issues. With a safe place to work out their issues, it creates a dedicated space and time to work through these issues. That could go a long way in repairing those damaged relationships. Thanks for the info.

  2. I think it’s harder to communicate with family because they’re the ones you know the best. I feel as though my family expects me to know everything about them. I should be able to read between the lines and understand what’s going on behind the scenes. That is why I can understand the benefits of family counseling. It is a good environment where families can learn to communicate. Maybe the problem doesn’t need to be fixed, they just need someone to listen.

  3. I appreciate that you point out that one of the benefits of going to family counseling is that the members of the family are able to share their feelings and thoughts within a safe environment. I think that often times people hold back what they are truly feeling because they are scared of the repercussions.

  4. In your article, you stated that therapy with the family together allows for open flow of communication and family members should be validated. My sister has been having a really hard time communicating with her children since her husband died last month. I wonder if therapy is different when children are involved as opposed to just adults.

  5. Communication is a key to a healthy relationship and if it is lacking there can be serious problems. I think it is admirable to work on a relationship and when the whole family is involved it is even better. You shouldn’t be ashamed to go to therapy and seek help.

  6. My sister-in-law told me recently that she wishes her family could communicate better. The article mentions that communication is key, and family counseling can help your family better communicate. I think maybe seeing a family counselor could be her best option for bringing about the change in her family that she’d like to see happen.

  7. That’s a good point you make about how therapy can help everyone understand more clearly what members of the family are wanting and needing. I’ve heard that the benefits of counseling can be see after just a couple visits with the therapist. I’ll be sure to keep this great information in mind as I try to decide if my family could benefit from going to counseling together.

  8. My brother has been having some issues in his marriage. He wants to have a better state of mind, so he’s looking for help. I never realized that marriage and family counselling can help the flow of communication and use different methods to make life easier. I’ll be sure to share this info with my brother.

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