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emotional health

What is the Emotional Health?

Emotional health is the foundation for almost everything about us. It affects our attitude towards others and life in general, it defines how we see the world. A lack of emotional health can even begin to impair our physical health and our ability to heal. But what is emotional health?

Emotional Health is a level of well-being with an absence of a mental disorder according to the medical department at Princeton. Emotional well-being is when you are in control and when you make your own choices and decisions. You are capable of what doctors call “lucid” conversation. It is when you are aware and know what you are saying. Even clients with serious mental health disorders can have moments of lucidity.

emotional health

Emotional Health 

Those with emotional and mental health tend to have the following qualities:

  • A feeling of contentment
  • A zest to live, laugh, be joyful.  
  • Deal with stress and bounce right back.
  • Meaning and a sense of purpose in their life and also relationships. 
  • Flexibility in learning things that are new and are easily able to adapt to change. 
  • A great balance with their work and their play. 
  • They are able to build and keep fulfilling relations with others.  
  • Self-confidence.

Emotional health has other, less severe facets that can affect you in your everyday life. It determines how you view and interact in public, and it might be as simple as low self-esteem, or as harsh as a deep depression. Mental health is just as important to take care of as our physical health.

Sometimes we might need help with emotional healing. One important thing to do is learn to be forgiving. Many mental illnesses are due to anger and the grudges anger ignites causes. It might be hard, but learn to let those things go without harboring that anger for too long. Another thing is to be optimistic. Seeing life from the lighter side will improve your emotional health. Being optimistic does not mean being naive. It just means looking at a less than perfect opportunity with an open mind. It is like facing the ugly part of the Christmas tree towards the wall. You know it is there, but it does not have to be front and center.

Emotional health is important to everything that that defines you. It allows you to make positive changes in your life. When your mental health is stable, you can begin to open new doors for yourself.

Benefits of Seeking Therapy for Emotional Health and Well being

  • Assist in working collaboratively on setting goals toward emotional fitness and growth
  • Therapy can help you to better understand those areas referred to as blind spots or areas you are unable to see about yourself that are holding you back.
  • Therapy works in a way that can dissect a problem and look at healthier alternatives.

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