Ego vs Love. The Battle is on

Ego vs Love. The Battle is on

Ego vs. Love seems to be the simplest way to explain the split of self. Believe it or not half of the world lives by the following statements do you fall into any of these categories?

– I must have a girlfriend, child or partner to be happy. There’s no way I’m going to spend a minute by myself someone has to entertain me.

– I must seek money and fame to be noticed.

– I must speak my voice and be heard because I am right and everybody else is wrong.

– If everybody would just do things my way the world would run a lot smoother.

– Nobody understands me because I’m a very deep and complicated person.

– Life treats me unfairly because it always wants something from me.

– Everybody always want something from me.

– I am better than others.

– Other people are weak and I am strong.

– Other people other people from different religious backgrounds or belief systems are ignorant and stupid.

– People are dumb and I will find their weakness and destroy them in order to get what I deserve.

– I am better looking, more capable, I have a better education, I have more class, and I have more money so that makes me better than anyone else.

– Life is out to chew you up and spit you out so get in there and get yours and step on whoever you have to. Crush the competition don’t worry about feelings there’s no time for that in this world.

– My partner girlfriend husband etc. better not gain any weight or change the way they look because that is not what I agreed to when I met this person and they better stay perfect because if they aren’t then I’m taking them to the curb.

– Life is divided between the haves and the have not’s and you better be on the side that has and if you aren’t you better find a way.

ego vs. love

Ego vs. Love | Which Side Are You On?

This is thing nothing more than the over grown ego. Conditioning and when we strip back the layers and were able to go back to when we were born, we would see that we were born “human being”, nothing more nothing less perfect. Perfectly imperfect sent into a broken world. So the goal would be how many will ever really wake up and see that the planet is nothing more than a maze. It’s the ones who realize that they’ve been in the video game. Programmed so deep into the coding they didn’t even know it. And one day their eyes snap open and they realize, “oh my gosh I’ve been in the game of being caught in this maze of life that I thought was real.”

Humans are Programmed Machines: Ego vs. Love

Once we wake up not only do we see its a programmed video game, but we see that we have been holding the controller the whole time. Realizing we are the orchestra-tor, the creator and when absent of ego, more powerful then we ever thought. We don’t have to agree to any of the conditioning or agreements others have placed on us as truth. We can create our own story. Create our own experience starting now by peeling back the layers and creating brand new agreements that align with our true essence. The true core of who we are. Who we have always meant to be. Welcome to the awakening. You are now one of the few.

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