Effective Parenting Orlando

Effective parenting Orlando and a technique that works. How to be a great parent. Each family has their own parenting style. To say that effective parenting Orlando comes natural would be far from the truth. We feel lost at times, confused and second guessing our decisions. Parenting effectively involves several factors: How your parents raised you, societies expectations, your own values and expectations, etc. How do you know if your an effective parent?

Defining Effective Parenting Orlando

A standard definition would state that good and effective parenting occurs when a parent is able to create for their child: stability in the home, nurturing, role modeling that is positive. Also being active in their child’s life. Moral and spiritual support and guidance are given. There are set limits and consequences to help guide the development of the child.

There are however four primary parenting styles that families fall into.

Effective Parenting Orlando - Four Types

Authoritarian parenting style

This is where there are harsh and strict rules. Your not told why you should or should not do something. The phrase “because I said so” is commonly used in this family system. High demands are placed on the children. There is no focus being placed on the consideration of their emotions or feelings. Children from this type of family system often show passive aggressive behavior. This is due to the inability to show emotion. They have increased stress and feel pushed and driven.

Permissive parenting style

In this family system the child’s feelings, autonomy and opinions or valued highly. There is little to no structure. Also referred to as the indulgent parenting style. Parents rely on explanation and reasoning with their children. Very little demands placed on them. The parents are undemanding in the system. There is little to no punishment and rules. Parents attend to the needs of their children at that moment. This system is referred to as child focused or child centered. We see children display low levels of self-reliance and self control. This is a direct result of permissive parenting style.

Uninvolved parenting style

Also known as neglectful parenting style. Most often the physical and emotional needs of the children are completely unmet by the parents. There’s very little communication with the children. No demands placed on them. Children from this type of system have academic problems. Social interaction is difficult. They are often the victim of bullying or become the aggressor. Children have a hard time adjusting in society.

Authoritative parenting

Authoritative parenting style is the most optimal and healthiest type of parenting. It combines a moderate level of responsiveness towards the children. It utilizes positive reinforcement. Parents are more perceptive to their child’s feelings. The child does not run the show. The home has a give-and-take, balanced atmosphere. Parents discuss their children’s feelings. There is consistency and follow through with reinforcing rules and behaviors that are acceptable

Effective Parenting Orlando does work

As you can see there are various types of constructive parenting styles. Not all are healthy. Understanding what motivates or drives certain behaviors as it relates to parenting is key.

This is where counseling is hugely beneficial at helping effective parenting. I like to look at multi-generations and how parenting messages pass down to the adults. I seek to understand how the children are picking up on them. Change can happen quickly. You’ll see increased communication, acceptance of rules, and an overall happy and balanced family

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