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Drug Counseling Orlando

Drug Counseling Orlando and what really goes on? A drug counselor is trained to work with addicts and help them to overcome the affliction that drugs has on them. It is a serious epidemic that is far reaching every corner of the world. When addicts have had enough pain they eventually seek out help.  

As a drug counselor it is my job providing you with the help to overcome your destructive behaviors and to live a full and productive life.  As your counselor I aim to offer solutions to help you better understand you irrational thinking, offer you support and guidance. I use various tools and methods to reach you. It is my job to work collaboratively with you and guide you to the path of freedom from addiction. By utilizing Cognitive Behavioral therapy, mindfulness and Narrative therapy I am able to assist you in your road to recovery.

Drug Counseling Orlando and What Do I Really Do?

I treat drug addicts one on one at first. It is important that you understand the fundamentals and get the education behind what addiction is and what happens to the brain during drug use. I will often use assessments to gauge your progress and see how well your doing on your road to recovery. 

Counselors that work for treatment centers are confined to a very rigid structure that is set into place by a treatment team or clinical director. I personally have spent over 8 years of my career as a clinical director of many inpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs. I have found over the years the follow truths about inpatient drug treatment:

  • Unless self motivated the relapse rate is almost always 100%.
  • 30 day programs do not provide enough time for the client to get to the underlying problems that drive the addiction.
  • The addict is seen and feels like a number and not a client. 
  • The treatment plans are not specific to the individual and are more band-aid therapy coping skills.
  • There is little to no focus on the family and loved ones afflicted by this disease.
  • Where is the follow up once you leave? It seems to me that most places want your insurance but at discharge time, they throw you a few referrals for counselors or step down programs in your area.
  • For most of the teaching they rely upon programs like AA or NA to do the work for them. Get a sponsor, follow suggestions and don’t use. This seems to be the motto for most places.

Drug Counseling Orlando

Drug Counseling Orlando and Making Real Progress

I am not saying that treatment centers are a waste of money. I believe that with intensive counseling and commitment from the addict you can set up a plan that will work much more effectively. There are wonderful places like the Ranch in Tennessee. They focus on Co-Occurring disorders and do strive to get to the underlying issues and why addicts use. They look at the trauma, depression, anxiety and child hood issues that cause people to use or numb out.

Counseling and therapy for drug addiction is not only finding out the triggers that cause the use but it is about self awareness and understanding why you use. Everyone has a vise or a behavior in which they tend to numb out from. Some of these are not drug related but are what is referred to as behavioral addictions. (gambling, sex addiction, pornography, shopping, working, etc). The difference between the two is that drug addiction significantly impacts those around you and your loved ones. It affects your health rapidly and if left untreated results in jail or death. Intense individual and family counseling is a must for the addict and their loved ones to recover. My job as your drug counselor is to help you identify those barriers that are keeping you blocked and stuck.

 Drug Counseling Orlando and My Approach

My approach to counseling in general is very different than almost any other therapist. I seek to start therapy right away by identifying the negative or false thinking. The conditioning that you are believing is truth. Understanding that you are not your mind and that true self is yet to be reveled. Once the authentic self is discovered, the urge to use drugs and alcohol no longer serve a purpose. The fear and anxiety that you once had about life is replaced with consciousness, a new perspective on life and confidence that you can face life.

Together we will put together a plan for you that far surpasses any treatment center.You will not have to go inpatient for help. You can utilize me as your therapist, sober coach and life coach along your journey. Not only am I a therapist but I am a recovered drug addict and alcoholic. I do not let these labels define who I am. Instead I am able to draw from my past to help my clients to relate to the feelings of shame, guilt and frustration they feel under the grips of addiction. Let’s work together today and put down the weapon that is hurting who you are. It is not the real you. Let’s start that journey and return back to the true self.

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