Divorce with Children Involved

Divorce With Child Involved

Divorce with children involved can have devastating effects. The following is a sure method to ruin your child through a nasty divorce. Just follow these 10 rules and you are on your way to setting your child up with pain and emotional turmoil.

  1. Make sure right from the word go that you race to win the kids loyalty. Be as nasty as you can about the other parent, hold back nothing, rip the other parent apart to gain that kids loyalty.
  2. Make sure to send your kids as spies to listen in on the other parent and report back to you information that you can use in court. This will for certain wind you kid up so tight they are sure to develop somatic symptoms.
  3. Make sure to invade their personal space. Go through their phones, iPads and all media devices for any information that the other parent may be sending thorough. When you find your child having a conversation, make it a point to emotionally and verbally beat your kid up. Yell and scream at them for having the audacity to communicate with that parent.
  4. Talk about every detail regarding the attorneys. Discuss how much money you’re having to spend and what a burden the kids are during this time period. They will soon be parentified and act instead of 6 age 26. They will forget to be a kid and make sure your emotions are being tended to.
  5. Make sure that you cover all your bases and force the kids to going to children’s therapy so that they believe that they caused it. You want to have good court document stating that you were a pro active parent in seeking help for your child.
  6. When you’re bashing your soon-to-be ex do it in front of the kids everytime. Don’t filter anything that’s coming out of your mouth. Let it rip.
  7. Make it a point to never allow the other parent to call or attempt to come over to visit. Hide your child, take them out of school early, leave from the house, take their cell phones. You will want to make sure to let them know that talking to the other parent hurts your feelings. Make your child feel bad for wanting to spend time with the other parent.
  8. Make certain that your child gets a full understanding of how awful your ex is. Drudge up all information that stems from before your child was born to current day. This way they know what an awful, horrible person they are and how wonderful and good and kind you are.
  9. Go ahead and spend all your money buying your kids all sorts of expensive items. Make sure that your house is the fun house.
  10. Shut your child down instantly every time there is a question. Can’t your kid see that you are the one in distress that needs questions to answers?

Follow these 10 simple guidelines and you are on the way to ruining your child’s sense of security and stability. You will send your child on a whirlwind of confusion, turmoil and pain. The effects of divorce on children leave deep scars that can and will be internalized. One of you must decide to take the upper road. Find a peaceful, more pleasant way to split without involving the health and welfare of your child.

Therapy is important for children with parents divorcing. Parents are often consumed with the feelings of their own. They overlook the child’s emotional state. They child is left confused and feels guilt, sorrow, pain, and abandonment. The child does not know the parent they are to “choose,” to be loyal to. Seeking counseling comes in the form of family therapy, individual therapy and child counseling. All are useful and the system needs to stay open and fluid. This allows the therapist to work with the members at various times according to obtaining the most support for the child.

Family members that have the ability to discuss their feelings related to issues arising from divorce are able to process emotions easier and adjust much better to change. Give your child and yourself the support you need and deserve.