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Divorce Counseling Orlando 

Divorce counseling Orlando

Divorce Counseling Orlando can be very difficult, lonely and scary all at the same time. No matter what the reason, the emotions are all the same. It turns your world and others around you upside down. It makes it hard to get through the day, to stay productive, and “put on a smile”. What if I told you that there were a few simple truths about life and relationships that can set you free instantly. Would it be worth coming in with your partner for one last attempt?  What I require is for you to be able to hear reality, not truth but reality. Divorce counseling Orlando is important because you need an outside observer, someone objective to help you both see your blind spots.

When to Seek Divorce Counseling Orlando

Most often when a couple comes into therapy, they are at the end of their rope with each other. They are considering divorce or separation. I highly recommend that before making this decision they take a cooling off time. This may look different for many couples. The idea is to try the following steps:

  1. Agree that each will commit to individual therapy for at least three to five sessions. It’s important that each partner take an honest and open look at themselves and the role they play in the relationship.
  2. Take a time out or a cooling down period. Each partner needs to agree before making the decision to end that they will seize fighting, name calling, etc. There are several different ways this can be done.
  3. Agree together on the right therapist for you both. Take the time to interview the counselor and find one with the approach that fits your style and needs.

Benefits of Divorce Counseling Orlando

After a marriage ends,  it can often be extremely traumatic and emotional for both. One may choose to seek therapy to help with the emotions that are overwhelming. Divorce counseling Orlando is most often conducted on an individual basis. You may be experiencing increased feelings of guilt, fearanxiety, depression, grief and much more.

Seeking to work with a therapist provides both an objective and outside perspective which can help aid you during this difficult time. Many clients find that through therapy they are able to let go of resentments, feeling of self pity, anger towards the other person, etc.  They are able to learn more about themselves and see the very important transition in their life not as devastating but as a chance to grow. Also to stretch and understand themselves on a deeper and fuller level. 

If separation or divorce is a final decision than it is important to be very clear about the steps necessary to make the split as amicable as possible, especially when children are involved.

This can be done and often times couples can even remain friends which would ultimately be the very best outcome.

My Approach to Divorce Counseling Orlando

I take a unique hands on approach with each couple. I ask that if possible both attend the first session. It’s important for me to listen to your dialogue and to understand how you both talk to each other. I am able to quickly pick up on the feedback loops and the ways in which you both get stuck in your language and communication. From here it is easy for me to detect what is going wrong. It is not about blame it is about finding a way through the misaligned dialogue. The assumptions and expectations you both have placed on each other.

From this point I may ask to see you both individually if I notice that there is significant work in a certain area for one individual. By seeing you alone I am able to really go deeper to work out any knots or unresolved issues one might have that was brought into the relationship. Couples counseling to me is another name for individual counseling. You must be willing to look at yourself in order to heal as a couple. Much of the healing process cannot be done with the partner sitting next to you. Then after working individually with you both the idea is to bring you back in as a couple and review how things are going.

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