Depression Counseling

Depression Counseling Orlando and where to seek help. We all experience sadness. It’s normal because emotions and feelings are just that, NORMAL. They are just feelings that for many come and go. In any given day we can feel excited, depressed, numbed out, anxious, blissful, etc. I find that putting labels on clients can be dangerous. The ego wants to quickly identify and cling to labels and make it an excuse or reason to allow a person to act certain way, separate from who they naturally are. What is that natural state people should strive to find?

Depression Counseling Orlando assist in the alignment of their true self, the true essence, the higher observer of yourself acknowledging that yes in the present moment you may feel overwhelmed and depressed but also this label of depression is not tied to who you are. It does not define you or place you in a box.

I do believe that there are situations and cases in which the brain patterns have changed creating the symptoms of depression which can seem like an endless trap. The person with the depression finds that it interferes with their daily life skills. Normal functioning interferes with daily life. Depression is a condition that internally hurts the individual and those closest to the person (Family, friends, children and other loved ones.

Most doctors classify this as as “depressive disorder,” or “clinical depression.” It is a real illness if diagnosed properly. People expect you to “snap out of it”. Most people who experience depression need the support of counseling and therapy to get back their lives.

Depression Counseling Orlando and the Different Types

  • Major depression

    These are severe symptoms interfering with a persons career, sleep pattern, eat habits, and enjoyment of life. Incidents of major depression can happen one time in a person’s lifetime. It tends though to occur more frequently in most cases.

  • Persistent depressive disorder

    Here we see a depressed person with symptoms lasting 2 years minimum. This type of depression involves episodes of major depression coupled with periods of symptoms less severe. Again though the criteria for diagnosis of this disorder must last for a duration of 2 years minimum.

There are other forms of depression that are slightly different, and develop under different circumstances. These include:

  • Psychotic depression

    Psychotic depression, is the combination of a person who has depression plus a form of psychosis. these can come in the form of delusions, hallucinations, false belief systems of perceived fear and attack, anxiety, paranoia, etc.

  • Postpartum depression

    Postpartum depression, is a more serious type of diagnosed depression far from what some may call the “baby blues”. These “blues” are due to re-calibration of the physical and the hormonal changes as well as the now new responsibilities of caring for a newborn which can be extremely overwhelming. An estimated 10 to 15 percent of new moms experience postpartum depression Right after birth.

  • Seasonal affective disorder

    Seasonal affective disorder is determined by the onset of depression during the months of winter when less sunlight available. Depression we see most often lifts when the spring/summer months come around. SAD is treated using a method called light therapy, but roughly half suffering with SAD need more support through which therapy and counseling can be beneficial. Many great SAD with a combination of antidepressant medications in conjunction with psychotherapy. This method is known to reduce SAD symptoms, either by itself or with the light therapy technique.

Can Depression Counseling Orlando Help?

The answer is yes. It does work if your willing to put forth the work required even when you don’t feel like it. Depression is like a heavy blanket we wear around. The heavy weight of depression become so familiar that we forget it’s even there. We will work collaboratively as a team to figure out the best method to be able to get your life back on track. Understanding my approach is vital.

Let’s take off the labels and look at the conditioning and the false ideas that our minds have bought into leading to feelings of low self esteem, poor self image, depression, and feelings of worthlessness. You are worth it and I’m willing to give you 100% of my energy and effort to aide you in discovering the true you. Depression counseling is about addressing the underlying root cause and learning to live a life of true freedom. Seek counseling services to day and free yourself from the bondage of depression.