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Couples Therapy Orlando and understanding when it’s the right time to get help. How long have you and your partner been on this merry go round of emotions? One day it’s great, the next your screaming at each other. How does a couple know when they have reached the point of needing help and assistance for their relationship?

Couples Therapy Orlando wants to help assist you and your partner identify those areas you feel stuck, frustrated, resentful and hurt. A healthy relationship should not be causing pain and suffering

Here is my list of the Top 4 Signs indicating that may want to seek help now:

Couples Therapy Orlando

1. You both still find yourselves arguing over who loads the dishwasher the right way. (FYI) It’s not about the dishes.

For many sharing the same house leads to frustration. Your merging two people with conditioned ways of doing things together. If your still arguing repeatedly about the same thing over and over again than this might be a sign of control or inability to compromise. Arguments do not get resolved. Effectively communicating will lead to positive results.

A therapist can assist you both in finding an effective way of communicating and listening to each other. You may not even be aware that loading the dishwasher is triggering a response from when you were a kid and your parents made you do it a certain way. Now your grown up yet you still cannot freely allow yourself or others to load it any other way. Both of you need awareness as to why you operating out of fear which leads to anger and frustration.

2. You both watch Scandal rather than have sex.

When the steamy and hot sex scenes come on between Fitz and Olivia you have to admit that it turns you on. However when your partner goes to make a move you feel as dry as the Sahara Desert. That might be an indicator. To be less dramatic maybe it’s those times when your not doing much but was once attracted to your partner and the feelings are not there. It just isn’t like it used to be. It’s time perhaps that you both figure out why you are not connecting.

If there is a decline in the sex and physical attraction then there is a disconnect here. Saying your just tired all the time is a lie. There are unseen underlying issues going on. It might be easier for someone outside of the bedroom to see and help with these issues. Perhaps one of you has a body image concern or another does not feel like their partner connects with them on an emotional level. Therapy can help you both to connect the dots.

3. You find that your kinder to your frienemy than you are to you partner.

If your finding it easier to have small talk with the coworker that is always taking your business idea and using it as her own, you may want to explore what is going on. When you find that your retreating instead of sharing your day and experiences with your partner then the bigger issue is being ignored.

Relationships all come from a place of needing to be seen, heard, appreciated and noticed. Unfortunately that is how it goes for most people. If I had you for individual therapy my work would be to help you understand on a spiritual level how complete and whole you are without a relationship. We are so heavily conditioned to think that we need something outside of ourselves to validate self.

4. You wish you could work longer hours instead of going home to your partner.

When you start dreading the idea of going home to your partner you may be getting into problem areas. The idea of staying and working late becomes a good feeling for you. Going home now feels like heavy work and just the idea of it makes you feel depressed and anxious.

Therapy seeks to help you both understand what the underlying fear is that is creating the avoidance. Have you just given up trying. I hope so. It’s when an individual realizes that it is not their partners job to make them feel a certain way, progress can start.

Couples Therapy Orlando

Maybe it is time you both stop trying to change each other. Stop trying to get each other to “get your point of view”. That is your work to do. How does another understand you if you do not understand what it is your so upset about. Also what it is your trying to or avoid? If you want a successful relationship, that starts with knowing who you are first.

Start the journey of a life time and seek therapy. Understand my unique approach to helping individuals and couples.