Counseling Services in Orlando and finding the right fit. Below is a list of the areas of specialty broken down into main categories. Please choose which one or several that you feel best fit your needs and relates to the area you are seeking to receive counseling services.
Take the time to read over the teams approach to therapy.  Get a better understanding of how therapy is addressed and designed to each unique topic.
Often times people need more than one modality of counseling. You may be having trouble with your relationship but find that individual therapy needs to be occurring simultaneously while couples therapy is occurring.

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Our Philosophy

We use a unique style of therapy and approach. A style that fits your specific needs. Blending Cognitive Behavioral Counseling, Narrative Therapy, Present Awareness Therapy and Mindfulness are just among the few approaches we utilize with clients. Our goal is to see you thrive not just survive and cope. Many therapists want to help you find coping skills and set boundaries. This is not lasting change.
We refer to this as band-aid therapy. Why in the world would you want to learn to cope with depression, anger, drug abuse, anxiety, etc?

It is important for you to interview your therapist. You should always feel that you have the right therapist. This is why we offer a free 15 min phone consultation. Ask as many questions as you need. The goal of play therapy aims to assist you in feeling  comfortable. It aids you in understanding the therapeutic relationship and how therapy is conducted.