Counseling and Therapy – It’s Vital Role

Counseling and Therapy | It’s Vital Role

Counseling and Therapy play a vital role in the lives of individuals today. Many seek counseling and therapy services not for just times when they are in crisis. More and more people are seeking counseling services for common daily issues. Long are the days that people feel they must suffer in silence and figure out their problems on their own. With the help of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor they are better suited to handle life’s seemingly difficult challenges. It does not take a complete breakdown for you to seek help with your life.

Counseling and Therapy | Why does it Help?

  • When you feel stuck and unsure what path to take in your life, having an outside observer such as a trained therapist assist in guiding you is helpful. We are able to see outside of your blind spots. We all have them.
  • You are better able to feel you have some tangible ways to deal with the situation you face. You are not alone and you feel supported in bouncing your ideas off of a non biased person who can think clearly outside of the mindset that you are in.
  • We are conditioned individuals with a set of behaviors that are ingrained into us. Humans tend to get stuck in our irrational ways of thinking. Individuals start to believe that our way is the only way.
  • Therapist are trained to assist in unlocking these patterns of thinking so that you are no longer pulling from the past to predict the future. When we do this it is determining our present moment and we are not seeing clearly what is going on in reality.

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Counseling and Therapy | Best Methods Used 

I pull from many different techniques and methods that are tailor fit to suite each client as an individual. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, and overall fear, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a great approach to use. In conjunction with CBT, I often use Narrative therapy. Together we challenge the story that you have told yourself from the past. We reframe it to make better sense of how this story is playing out today and causing the fear, anxiety and distress in your life.

Give counseling and therapy a try. What do you have to lose. You can only enrich your life and the lives of those around you. Start to connect with a deeper part of who you are. Come into alignment with the real authentic version of yourself. You will be changed forever.

10 thoughts on “Counseling and Therapy – It’s Vital Role

  1. Recently, my cousin has been talking to me about different concerns that she has been having. We talked a little about her visiting a professional counseling service to get back on track. I like that she will get help that will assist and guide her.

  2. Thanks for your comment about how therapy is helpful because they can help you figure out how to deal with any problems or troubles you may be facing. I like how yous aid that they can also help you broaden your thinking about certain topics. My sister is considering visiting a therapist to open her mind and not think irrationally.

  3. Keeping your mind at its peak is one vital component of living healthy. My sister was involved in an accident and has suffered PTSD. I wanted to convince her to seek professional help. I understand that it might be embarrassing to admit that something is wrong, but there is nothing wrong with talking to someone who knows how to help you deal with your situation. Thanks for the great read!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for this article about counseling and therapy and why it is important. I’m glad that you mentioned that this is a great way to help someone feel like they can handle their situation. Sometimes, having that support is really helpful for people to get through life. My sister has been thinking of trying out counseling, so this could be good for her to know more about what it could do for her.

  5. I liked your perspective that working with a counselor is helpful since you have someone to talk to and bounce ideas of off to help you cope with the issues you’re facing. A friend of mine has pretty sever anxiety, and I think this could be helpful for her. How often would she need to see a counselor in order to see improvement in her anxiety?

  6. Thank you so much for telling me that when you go to counseling, you can better handle the situation that you face. I have been trying to deal with my sister’s alcoholism and have been having trouble with some of the problems that have been arising due to it. I’m glad that if I were to seek help from a mental health counselor, they might help me feel like I can handle the problems in front of me.

  7. Thank you for all this great information about the benefits of counseling! I really like your point about how counseling can help me bounce off ideas with someone that is not involved in the situation that may need help dealing with. Last year was a very rough year and I’m not sure who to turn to for advice or guidance on the topic. I agree that individual counseling may help me get past this troubling time.

  8. Counseling sounds like it’s something I should try out. I suffer from anxiety, and it gets really bad when my work load gets pretty big. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sounds like it could be pretty great. I’ll have to try that out sometime.

  9. I have a dear friend that has been struggling lately and I was wondering if it was anxiety. You wrote that therapists are trained in helping people get out of certain ways of thinking and more clearly see their problems. This sounds exactly what my friend needs right now, as it could help him get down to the core of his problem and start taking strides towards being mentally healthy.

  10. I’ve been struggling with balancing work and school recently. I always considered therapy to be a way to help people in mental crisis. I never realized that therapy can actually help people with everyday problems and help improve mental health. That makes it sound like a good option for anybody that needs help.

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