Meet the team

Contact Us today. The one thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we are a very interactive therapists. Sessions last on average 50 min. Therapy cannot be conducted in 75 min. What a horrible feeling to be rushed out of the office because clients are waiting stacked on top of each other.

Our approach is not mainstream. After years of honing our craft it feels natural for a session to end on a good note. To be able to leave session knowing that you have gained insight, awareness, identified areas that are going to be focused on and have a plan to approach them. It is not our philosophy to prorate for the extra time over. If we go over it’s on me.

Keeping a small case load is important for us so that our clients get 100%. Staying present, alert, and tuned into our clients needs and available for them always. If you need us between sessions We are a call away. You are not expected to sit in pain when you need help or have a question in between sessions. Depression, anxiety and every day life stress comes up. We are a phone call away.

Each therapist operates from a different approach and school of thought. We utilize CBTNarrative and Mindfulness as our primary foundation. A heavy emphasis is placed on removing the conditioning and strong self statements and beliefs that are controlling your actions and behaviors. providing “pop therapy” giving you coping skills and worksheets is not my style. Let’s resolve the problem. Not lay a coping skill on top of it.

Contact us today.