Relationships barriers

When we look at a healthy relationship we see that they have mastered the art of effective communication. This is the ability to effectively handle conflict resolution. When couples communicate well, they understand each other better. In return this makes their relationship stronger. When couples can resolve conflicts successfully, they are developing a healthy and mature relationship. Every relationship has moments of conflict. Instead of watching the relationship spiral, conflict can be used as a gauge to see which parts of the relationship need immediate attention.

Conflict resolution counseling Orlando, FL can be the bridge to understanding how others see life through their own lens. Also it shows us the importance of learning the skill of working with all types of people to effectively and calmly flow in and out of life without constant friction and turmoil. Conflict resolution counseling Orlando FL can help and is highly effective.

Identifying the underlying Issue

Really what is the issue about? We get hung up on the “story”, instead of the needs that are driving the conflict.

Agreeing to Disagree

Understanding when it’s just not the right time to continue arguing. Learning to take a break. Cooling down and taking care of yourself. After the break the topic suddenly seems to have less of a hold.

Compromising and not always having to be right

Understanding that there is really no right or wrong and that each has valid points at times. Learning to respect and gain awareness of our own need to be right is key.

Staying in the present moment

Not allowing each other to bring up old wounds or project into the future which only makes matters worse.

Understanding all things are relative

Realizing that everybody sees life out of their own frame of reference. It’s important to see each other’s experiences as unique. Each is approaching the issue looking through a different lens.

Looking at past systems related to communication from childhood

Each person is conditioned from childhood to hold onto old systems and beliefs about life. This strongly forms the way you see current issues thus causing conflict.

Everyone can benefit from learning new skills to cope and deal with conflict. We can learn to let it throw us off and effect us by letting ourselves get caught up in the emotional roller coaster. Or we can simply allow room and space to see that everyone has a right to feel the way they want to about an issue. It’s not our job to change or fix others so they see it “our way”. Learning to seek what need is not being met is more about addressing you and doing the work of self awareness and change.