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Child Counseling Services Orlando

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Child Counseling Services Orlando is far different than my work with teens and individuals. It’s important to understand the thought process and developmental milestones of children in order to effectively relate to them.

Children can benefit from counseling. Therapy can assist them in developing the problem-solving skills they need. My role as their therapist is to help the children and their families learn to cope with life stress and how it affects so many of our children today.  It assist with many issues such as depression, anxiety, behavioral and emotional issues. 

Sometimes for kids just like with adults, they can also benefit from counseling. Children can learn in session how to develop better coping skills and problem solving techniques. They learn to ask for help as well as build their confidence. We often tend to forget that children need just as much if not more assistance in understanding this world. They look up to their parents. If that foundation is shaky then what kind of security is set into place for the child. None.

Kids also need extra support and help when dealing with stress from school. Homework, anxiety, bullying and pressure to perform are all real and heavy for children today.  While other children will need support in discussing feeling related to self and their families. Others need help to discuss their feelings about family issues. This is especially true during a divorce, a serious illness or any major transition. 

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Signs that a child may benefit from seeing a Therapist

  • Developmental delays in their speech and language
  • Behavioral problems (excessive amounts of anger, acting out, bed wetting at an older age and issue with early onset of an eating disorder.)
  • Drop in grades and school performance. Sudden lack of interest.
  • Prolonged episodes of sadness or depression.
  • Withdrawal and sudden isolation from others.
  • The victimization of bullying or the act of bullying other children.
  • A decrease in activities they once enjoyed,
  • Sudden onset of aggressive behavior ( biting, or hitting)
  • Rapid of sudden changes in their appetite.
  • Sleep proble