Career Counseling Orlando

Career Counseling


Career Counseling Orlando seeks to look specifically at how to improve your overall attitude, feelings and approach to work. Ask anyone if they love what they do for a living and most often you will get an answer such as, “It pays the bills,” or “a jobs a job”, and so on. Have we all just settled? Afraid that if we take a leap from the stale and stagnant work day to a fresh, exciting, joy filled job we would fail? What we do for a living is not just a job to pay the bills. It is the expression of our talents and passions. It is how we express ourselves uniquely not as workers but as peaceful, joy filled and passionate individuals. By understanding the benefits of career counseling Orlando you will see you are not stuck.


Rise In Technology

Setting healthy boundaries around our work life is nearly impossible in today’s society. We take work home, allowing ourselves to be “on call” to work extra hours. We find that the people it hurts most are loved ones. Spending less time with our children and partners. When unrealistic expectations are not met it leaves feelings including:

  • Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low self worth emptiness
  • Exhaustion
  • Anger/Resentment
  • Fear
Burn out sets in but because of these false belief systems working hard at play. These distorted cognition’s along with fear keep us driving and pushing to do more and be more. We want the promotion. The need to be recognized for hard work drives you. We allow ourselves to take on more and more roles and responsibilities at the work place. At this point it is easy to shift into the righteous victim. Career counseling seeks to help you tap into your true passion.

Our increased need for more:

All we ever hear from today’s world is that we need more, bigger, better, upgraded, etc. We are slaves to the dollar. A person is entrapped and attached to the brief that we must have more. We buy things we can’t afford as well as things we want but don’t need. This cycle increases our work loads just to make ends meet and “keep up”. We also see the cost of living increasing, with fewer jobs available. Many of us have jumped into jobs or fields early in our careers instead of taking the time to do the real work of self discovery and aligning with our true talents and passion. They discover 10 to 20 years later that they feel they cannot break free from the “grind”.

I believe there are deeper reasons for this epidemic of people hating what they do each day in their job life. These reasons touch on underlying spiritual and emotional conditions thus driving our cognition. In return this reveals a deep disconnect to what it truly means to live at peace, to align ourselves in all areas of our life that promote true authenticity and meaningfulness. The practice of mindfulness and spirituality come into practice here.

Working with a career coach in regards to career counseling has several benefits for work related issues. It is so important that our work life is stabilized since we spend so many hours of the day at our jobs. Find ways to not let your work emotionally affect you.


  • Help in clarifying your job and your career situation
  • Determine what your needs are
  • Help you to discover new unique qualities about yourself
  • Develop and learn a new skill set and techniques
  • Assist in helping you to develop a new perspective
  • Conquer fears and uncertainty regarding your current job
  • Help you to recognize your career passions
  • Hone career management skills
  • Improve decision-making
  • Pinpoint and assist you in avoiding repeat mistakes
  • Overcome obstacles and challenges holding you back
  • Decrease your sense of isolation and anxiety in the workplace
  • Help to find momentum and focus
  • Seek to find direction and solutions for your situation
  • Seek to find morale and positive thought processes
  • Improve your performance and get the results you want
  • Create and increased sense of well-being and clarity
  • Help to achieve success, empowerment and clarity

If you take an honest look and feel that any of the above listed benefits can serve you then seeking career counseling is for you. A career that you love fills you with joy, happiness and sense of personal empowerment. Don’t settle for less.