Yoga for Mind and Body Fitness

Yoga for Mind and Body Fitness

Yoga for mind and body fitness. It has been around for thousands of centuries, but the practice only went mainstream in the West in the last few decades. Perhaps this is due to the increase in the number of people who want to be healthier physically and spiritually. Today, millions of Americans practice yoga as a lifestyle and millions more take up the practice each year once they see the many benefits that it brings.

Yoga forces us to be present. When we are present we are able to observe the mind and body. Most of us live in the future or the past. When our minds go there so do our bodies. If we are living in constant anxiety, fear, worry, the body stays in a state of hypertension and fight or flight. This is very hard on the body and can lead to disease. You start to develop a sense of self awareness. One of the best benefits is that you don’t feel like your working out.

Yoga for Mind and Body Fitness

The Basics of Yoga 

Beginners who want to practice Western-style yoga are first introduced to the basic poses called asana. These postures are combined with breathing techniques to create a flow of breathing and movement. There are different types of yoga classes. The beginner classes often start with the basics before moving to more complicated poses. This is designed to increase flexibility, promote weight loss, improve strength and enhance balance.

Yoga for Mind and Body FitnessYoga for Mind and Body Fitness

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a great form of meditation. Breathing techniques put the mind at ease and regulate heart rate, making this practice a very powerful tool for reducing stress. Also it helps to reduce anxiety as well as mental and physical tension. Yoga has long been used to cure insomnia, overeating and other health conditions caused by underlying stress. We see that it treats anxiety with amazing results.

Yoga is also effective for overall body toning. Since the practice involves different stretches and poses that practitioners must hold for a considerable amount of time. This leads to the muscles become toned, stronger, and leaner. Yoga practitioners eventually develop strong, lean muscles that are not only flexible but are physically flattering as well.

The practice also helps improve flexibility and posture. Since yoga tones the core muscles, it becomes easier to maintain proper posture. This is essential especially for those who sit at work for most parts of the day. Regular practice improves overall flexibility since you are continually stretching your joints and muscles.

Yoga promotes circulation and optimum body function. There are certain yoga poses that massage the internal organ. It promotes the strengthening of blood vessels, help in elimination, and help free up knots of tension in the muscles. This is the reason why you will notice an increase in energy. Also more regular bodily functions as well as an overall improvement in well-being once you start your practice.

Yoga and Starting Today

Yoga is an amazing practice that comes with a myriad of health benefits, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. With yoga, you tone your muscles, from the muscles on your limbs to your core, you improve your flexibility, increase your strength, and improve your circulation. In fact, these results make yoga one of the most holistic workout programs that anyone can try if they want to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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