What is the definition of spirtiuality


What is the Definition of Spirituality?

What is the Definition Spirituality? Spirituality is a concept that has the room to allow many different perspectives.It includes and allows a feeling of individual connection to a concept larger than ourselves. Spirituality is a concept that is universal. An experience that reaches all of us. Some feel a spiritual experience is transcendent. A very deep sense and feeling of being alive and interconnected to self and others as well as what or who they identify as source or spirit.

Religion is different from Spirituality. It does not follow strict dogma and rules that are set as right and wrong. It instead involves a ‘holistic’ representation and understanding of a universe that sees all people and everything around us as connected. All flowing together in a beautiful tapestry.

What is the Definition of Spirituality?

Understanding it through the Yin Yang Philosophy

The familiar ‘yin-yang’ meaning and it’s symbol dates back to ancient times in China. It is representative of the belief that all that in in the universe originates from two different forces. They are both opposing and complimentary.

These two sides are representing the sides of our self. The contrast sees hard is to soft as love is to hate. We embrace the fullness of all that we are instead of attempting to deny the dark or the contrast. Many might refer to this as the ego and in Christianity one might call sin.

The yin yang philosophy states that the universe, all and everything in it, is constant and in nature is cyclical. One force or side may try to dominate the other but is then replace by the opposite side. This cycle continues over and over.

  • Life vs. death
  • Heaven vs. earth
  • Night vs. day
  • Dark vs. light
  • Health vs. sickness
  • Poverty vs. wealth
  • Love vs. Fear

The black and white in conjunction represent the energy or totality of all that is within us. You cannot have one without the other.

What are the small white and black circles: Located in the opposite sides are small circles that show us that nothing is absolute. On each side there are opposite and opposing energies or forces that reside in all of us. In all of the yin there resides yang. In all of the yang there resides yin. This is true for all that is in the universe.

Example: In all females there is male energy and in all males there is female energy. In all of us there is a little good and there is also a little bad. The key is to understand that each must exist and for us to see that they are not separate parts of us and that the goal is not to get rid of any of it. The goal is to embrace these two sides of ourselves and understand how they work together as one.

What is the Definition of Spirituality?

How does it relate to me?

When we ask ourselves what is the definition of Spirituality, we need to look at our own understanding of our self in relation to others and the world around us. Believing in one religion is fine if that is what your comfortable with. Spirituality goes deeper into the part of yourself that understands that there is not good or evil forces working against us. It is our own self that is in constant battle with the inner turmoil and conflicts. We are taught in religion that there is only one path to follow. This path is laid out to us by others who are interpreting the word of God or whatever you refer to as the higher power.

No longer do we see ourselves as separate from God or the Spirit. Individuals are the total sum of all that this universe comprises. If we can become softer on ourselves than we are softer with others. Judgement and strong opinions melt away. We see that each has their own special understanding of themselves and the internal process that an individual operates from is shown or reflected out to others. If we see ourselves as bad, incapable or not worthy, we see others the same way. This is the key for all to learn that life truly is not personal. We really do create heaven or hell here on earth. We live in a state of fear or love.

What is the definition of Spirituality? Spirituality is personal to each. You decide for yourself. You may want to take a look at the spoon feeding of society and strict religious doctrine. For me it no longer served to see God as the Judge and the Savior. It made no sense to me when the church said that I was going to be judged at the gates of heaven on my acts on earth. In the same breath I was told God is all loving and has already forgiven my sins. Which one is it?

Today I choose to reach and aim for unconditional love of self and all around me. My connection to spirit is me and the divine being of this universe. I am balanced, connected, whole and always have been and will be love.

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