What is Talk Therapy?

What is Talk Therapy?

What is talk therapy? People still have the misconception that therapy is for the weak. This is so far from the truth. People who are smart to understand how talk therapy can aid in creating a successful, well balanced life.

Conditioning taught us that we should not talk or discuss what is going on internally inside of us. We should all instead just sweep it under the rug and not talk about the very large elephant. Shoving down your problems we know to be the cause of much suffering, illness, chronic stress and depression.

What is Talk therapy and what does it target? Talk therapy targets not only the symptoms but it addresses the cause of the problems you are facing. Antidepressants by themselves do not get to the underlying cause of the problem. They may be a aid in numbing or dulling the pain you feel but remove the drugs and the problems still persist.

What is Talk Therapy?

What are the Benefits?

What Is Talk Therapy?

1. Therapy’s effects persist over the long-haul

The effects of talk therapy can be long lasting. As your talking through things your collecting a wealth of knowledge and tools are being stored up. Only through another are we better able to fully understand ourselves. In so doing we change our thought process.

2. Physical symptoms also get treated in Talk Therapy

Psychological events and trauma trigger physical symptoms leading to bouts of depression, fear and anxiety. Therapy helps to address these issues. If we do not bring these issues to the table and talk about them. an individual will implode and stuff their feelings. This leads to increased physical problems.

3. Emotions that are repressed will come back later.

When we do not talk about our problems they always have the tendency to creep back up and feel 10 times worse. We are conditioned as a culture to never talk about our problems. Repressing our emotions and feelings do not help them to go away. These repressed feeling come out sideways and have a tendency to hurt those we love most. Our family, friends, etc. Learn how to correctly process your emotions. Change the way you move and operate in this world.

4. Passive-aggressiveness fades away

When you do the work of releasing anger it no longer seeps out as passive aggressive behavior. You are able to express yourself to other in a healthy and positive manner. No longer are others left confused and hurt by your inability to speak with intention.

5. You gain a whole new perspective about others.

A wonderful benefit of talk therapy is that you learn to better understand yourself. In return you understand others. If you hold onto negative irrational thoughts without processing them, they will become ingrained. You see and believe your reality to be true only through the lens you view life from. You make assumptions and set expectations on others.

6. You are no longer alone

Seeing a therapist is a big relief. Your able to get your thoughts out and bring them into the light. You are able to go to a safe and nonjudgmental place each week to work on yourself. Group therapy can help tremendously. You see your not alone. Others think the same way you do. If your going through a tough divorce or having issues parenting, others you can relate to help you to feel connected and plugged in.

7. Talk Therapy stops the need to self medicate

Self-medicating is common. People do not sit with uncomfortable feelings. They will find any way to numb out. This is why alcohol and drug abuse/behavioral addictions are prevalent. All that this does is mask the problem. It does nothing to address the underlying issue. Get to the underlying root of your past talk therapy. will, There will be no room to self medicate.

8.The next generation is free from bondage

If you have children they will be forever changed by the work you have done. Children see that it is ok to address the elephant in the room. Their reality is not dismissed. Open dialogue and communication flows freely. What a gift to give to your children. They no longer are looking at you and modeling passive aggressive behavior. Anger is alright to express and seen as healthy and normal.

What is talk therapy? It is a chance for you to begin to understand who you are. Begin to understand the wonderful benefits of talk therapy counseling. Watch your life be transformed. Release the dark and scary perceptions you have made about who you are and this world. set yourself free from bondage.