Orlando Spirituality Therapy


Orlando Spirituality Therapy

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Orlando spirituality therapy and what is it? A spiritual awakening is the re-connection to reality. It reconnects you with the divine. This is one in the same.  You start to see that you were never disconnected from the same oneness of all others.

From this connection, a person’s own energy moves and begins to transform. The wounds endured start to heal. Your shifted into alignment. You start living your truest and highest potential.

A spiritual awakening in a person will be felt throughout their body, heart, soul, and mind. You will be forced to face the fact that you have been blinded. Living in a dream of what society and your conditioning has made you believe is real. Thinking is limited. I call this the sleep state. So are you ready to do the deeper work? I call this the sifting and sorting. Restructuring and realigning yourself to these new truths.

Orlando Spirituality Therapy

There is No One Right Way

Their’s isn’t one correct method or way to experience an awakening. There are common trends among those awakening. Many find their awakening to be sudden. This can be referred to as a Kundalini spiritual awakening. The spiritual awakening is a very profound moment of clarity about some aspect of yourself.  Other times a spiritual awakening can be a collapse and you see yourself letting go finally.

People can experience a spiritual awakening in many ways. A shift starts in the individual. An opening is created in your thought process. A truth is arising and you are “waking up” to life’s truths. Should you choose to embrace this opening or resist it is totally up to you. It is an individual process. The decision to become teachable and remain open is yours.

Orlando Spirituality Therapy


Should you choose to walk this new path with a spiritual counselor or teacher you will start to see a significant change in your life. How you perceive the world around you will shift. Everything starts to change. You start to question the conditioned world that has held you in a trance for so long. You will go through several changes as you watch your ego dissolve and break down.

Orlando Spirituality Therapy

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

  • There is an Amplification of your senses.
  • Your sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste all become intensified. You may see that you’re an HSP or (Highly Sensitive Person).
  • Changes in food occur. Your tolerance changes and you prefer different varieties.
  • Changes in your sleeping occur. You will find you sleep less or more. Disrupted sleep or insomnia is common.
  • Vivid dreams can occur. They may be bizarre, scary and very intense.
  • Dizziness and feeling lightheaded.
  • Weight changes occur. You will see an increase or decrease in your weight.
  • Fluctuations will occur in your energy.
  • A decrease or increase in your sex drive will most likely occur.

These are just a few of the many changes a spiritual awakening can bring on. For many the guidance of a therapist can seem appealing and I believe it is very necessary. This awakening can be confusing if one chooses to walk the path alone. We all need a teacher, mentor or guide to help us along. Reach out today and let’s walk this new path and awakening together. Call and learn more about my approach.

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